Thursday, August 12, 2010

Quayle Ad: 'Barack Obama Is the Worst President in History'

The youth are going to pay for our mistakes. It's time the youth wake up and become conservative or they will be given a debt that they can never repay. All they need to do is look at all the spending and union payoffs that are being billed to the next generation. But they didn't call them the "ME" generation for nothing.



  1. wow, i didn't know Brock Lander had it in him. Normally he's just lying about what he's done in his past. Its so cliche but hey we see what happens to candidates on the right who play nice and worry about the issues that face their constituents: they don't get nominated.

  2. Don't worry Joe the elderly ad is always a winner. See the Democratic Party have really hurt elderly with obamacare and the attacks on their retirment plans. They see their retirment plans doing nothing or loosing not getting better. And we are looking at another even bigger recession without coming out of this one. The elderly have seen many recessions in their life. And they see how the Democratic Party agenda has harmed them and the retirment plans. This recession is being prolonged by the actions of the Democrats. We will win the youth and minorities back to the Republican Party. At some point a Republican will ask minorities what they truely want,a JOB or unemployment benifits,handouts? Minorities are waking up to the way the Democratic Party acts like they own the minorities. Harry Reid tells Hispanics not to leave the box the Democratic Party put them in. Blacks and Hispanics will wake up to the Democratic hand outs. They want to work and they have the same American Dream as we do. They are not a group of people but individuals that can think for themselves.

  3. Chris, if the republicans hadn't treated them like shit during the late 70's and 80's you'd have more minorities in the republican party.

    But the party of welfare mommas and Willie Horton isn't really that appealing to minorities.

    And while we're at it lets look at the things the republican party has done lately to encourage minority involvement. I'll post them on a new blog.

  4. Look, I get it. Dan and Marilyn Quayle are tremendous people. So when they call and say you should back their son who is running for Congress, you tend to say okay.

    But Ben Quayle is imploding. He did a “rent-a-family” mail piece purported showing him with his daughters, but he has none. Now, it turns out that Ben Quayle has a bit of a scandal on his hands.

    He helped set up a website called The Dirty and wrote there under the name of a porn star about all the hot chicks at Scottsdale, AZ nightclubs.

    His denial of the allegations also shows he’s a pretty bad liar.

    So all you conservatives who are wedded to Ben Quayle need to recognize that if conservatives split their vote, they’re going to wind up with someone like Vernon Parker who is trying to play conservative for the camera, but whose own constituents openly mock him as a liberal.

    There is a better choice: Pamela Gorman.

    Pamela Gorman has bled for the cause. She has fought the fight. She will not disappoint you.

    Friends, you need to join me and get on board Pamela Gorman’s campaign NOW. Sure, there are others in the race who are arguably conservative, but not one person in the race has done more to fight for freedom than Pamela Gorman.

    Give her money, pray for her, and vote for her.

  5. It looks like the Democratic party is making the same mistakes the Republicans once made. Now that is just stupid, isn't it Joe? Or are you all for racism when it comes from the Democratic side of the race debate?

  6. Batman,
    You referred to the republicans: "But the party of welfare mommas and Willie Horton isn't really that appealing to minorities." President Obama is the one trying to create or expand the 'single mother' demographic, not the republicans. Furthermore, Willie Horton was set free by Democrat Governor Dukakis to kill again. Get your facts straight! Or, are you also in the market of recreating history with a "Liberal Fool" slant?

  7. hey driveby asshole,
    your not that fucking dumb are you?

    Welfare mommas and Willie Horton were race-baiting attack platforms of Ron Reagan and the republican party during the elections. They were used to create distrust between blacks and whites and drive more of the majority towards Reagan. They were highly effective too.

    Both at increasing the white vote and keeping minorities away from the republican party.

  8. Joe #1 Think The Issue Took Place In 1988 Election Between Bush Sr And Dukakis. Regan Was Back At The Ranch.

    I Did Some Research Teacher And It Appears The First To Bring Up Issue Of Furloughs For Murders In 1988 Democratic Debate Was Al Gore jr.

    Horton Killed 17yr Old During Robbery And Victim Was Stabbed 19 Times. Horton Was Convicted Of 1st Degree Murder In Massachucets And Sentenced To Life/No Parole. Massachucetts Supreme Ruled That 1st Degree Murders Could Be Released On Furlough Program. Massachucettes Legislators Passed Bill To Exclude 1st Degree Murders From Program But Gov Dukakis VETOED It Because Of His Beleif In Rehabilitaion.

    Horton Was RELEASED In June 1986 On Furlough Program And Opps He Did Not Return. In 1987 Horton Raped A Women(Twice) In Maryland,Pistol Whipped Her Boy Friend Knifed Him Tied Him Up And Stole His Car. Horton Was Convicted In Maryland The Judge Stated Horton Should Never Be Released Into General Population Again.

    I Know Joe Race Baiting Is Your Game But A Convicted Murder Released On Furlough Who Does Not Return And Commits More Felonies And One Of The Presidential Canadates Had A Hand In His Release I Beleive Should Be Told. Goes To Politicans Mind Set Cause One Day He May Have To Make Descision That Effects All Citizens And If This Is Example Of His Methods Citizens Should Know. What Race Had To Do With It Is In The Teachers Mind Me Thinks.

    One Last Thingy Joe Had Republican Canadate Done This Foolish Act,What Do You Think The Demoncrats Would Have Done?

  9. Well said Al, took the words right out of my mouth. :)

  10. Batman,
    More name calling?? Keep it up and no one will listen to your revised history stories. Willie Horton was a class A Punk and deserved a lethal injection. Too bad he committed the crime in that "Liberal Fool" state of Mass.


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