Wednesday, August 11, 2010

This Is What We Conservatives Do With Racists At Our Rallies

This video was edited to prove that we Tea Partiers are racist by the left. You may recognize this man in many of the left wing "proofs" that the Tea Party is racist. In fact it was in the video Joe gave as proof of racism in the Tea Party:Now do you see the game of lies these liberals are playing? Why didn't they show the whole picture without editing it? When the left say or do something we need to look into it closely as it is most likely only half true or just an outright lie. This isn't proof of racism like the left wing lie machine is pushing. But it is proof of anti-racism at the Tea Party rallies. The left will do and say whatever it takes to make their points, even if it's a bold face lie. And liberal sheep like Joe just keep pushing this nonsense like it's fact just because they read it on some left wing site. I don't know if this racist is for real or a plant but that is what we must do if we see these left wingers show up at our rallies. This shows us the difference between us and them. There is racism everywhere but we root it out unlike the left wing who propagate it. Shame on you liberals and the racist propaganda you manufature in order to undercut the conservatives.


  1. Great find Chris!! Clearly a "Liberal-paid Fool" and all the more reason to have a (Not with the Tea Party ---> Infiltrator ---> ) sign underneath one of your signs at the rallies. That way you just rip off the cover sign and stand next to the fool and point.

  2. Easy To Notice NO Violence And Yet Message And Facts Were Obtained. What A MOB!

  3. And Joe used that edited video to prove racism in the tea party. What a jerk!

  4. lol..I'm not Joe, I'm Andrew Breitbart. You defended him for using editted video so it must be okay.

    Wow, you out of all the clips on the video you found this one...hoorah

    you showed me....of all the thing's i posted and you found one clip that i hadn't seen.

    I posted all the other examples on my blog so everyone could view the racism.

  5. Your head if so far up your a$$ joec, you don't know which end is up any more. Why was it wrong for andrew to edit but not you joec? That is the question. No one said it was alright for andrew to edit. Please get help for your liberalism joec. Plug your nose if it smells like sh!t up there.

  6. Chris and his fellow hitler youth readers said it was okay because he didn't edit it himself. Go back and read the thread on it. You'll find Chris and Mark defending Breitbart.

    Anon grow some balls and use your name little boy.

  7. Yes go back and read them. Joe it looks like all your examples of racism have been debunked. What say you?

  8. Hey Joe Hitler Youth Readers. Now That Does Offend Me! Call Me A Liberal, Call Me Uneducated,But NEVER Ever Call Me A Nazi Shame On Ya!

    Joe Dont Know How Many Decks Of Race Cards You Have, Hopefully You Have Used Most. You NEVER Attack Tea Party On Any Issues.

    Like A True Progressives If You Have NO Worth While Opinion Muddy The Waters With Crap. Please Joe Before fore Entering Any Location Wipe The Shit Off Your Shoes. The Way You Have Been Spreading It Gotta Have Some On Those Shoes.

  9. Holy sh*t "You'll find Chris and Mark defending Breitbart."
    Who got it wrong?
    You did.
    Here is some of the back and forth.
    "Andrew put the video up and like the Acorn video's he's shown he's good at editing a video to make it look like something its not."
    "Andrew Breitbart destroyed her "
    "Your not going to stick around to read the reply, but all he did was edit a video"

    "Nothing like the kneejerk reaction from the Obama Admin...."
    "Breitbart posted what he discoved.
    It was another blog that actually post the edited footage.
    So go find the blog that did and harp on them for awhile."
    "and what part of "It was another blog that actually posted the edited footage" do you not get? "
    (No reply)

    And Finally here is my defense:

    "Nothing to apologize for Chris. Fox did NOTHING but report the story that Breitbart broke based on a video he was sent back in April.
    --->Did he dig deeper in to it. No. That was his mistake."

    So stow the BS here Joe.
    Breitbart did NOT edit ANY video of Sherrod by his own mission. But I guess we will have to wait until the civil suits is heard on who actually sent him the edited tape.

    Obama freaked out thinking Beck would get a hold of it and instead of looking in to it further, like I said Breitbart should have, he pulled the trigger and asked for her resignation.
    Those are the facts of the story.
    JHC I can't believe we are re-hashing this.

  10. PS, Joe, "his fellow hitler youth readers"
    Hitler youth????
    Go F*ck yourself punk!

  11. Joe??? "Hitler Youth"??? You have a screw loose man.


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