Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Racist Tin-foil Hat Mans Name Is Tyler Clay Collins

Just look at this buffoons dumb look and tin foil hat. What is with the left wing and their tin hats? This guy went to a Rand Paul rally with racist signs trying to tag conservatives as crazy racist. We have seen this kind of thing at out Tea party rallies in the past and I'm sure we will see more or this kind of racism in the future from the left.
Turns out, this character is named Tyler Clay Collins, and is an active Kentucky Democrat. Here he is pictured at a Democratic event, as well as at his local Masonic Lodge:

Tyler Clay Collins at a Democratic event

Tyler at his local lodge
Too bad people cannot deal openly and honestly with real issues and argumentation. Actually, it’s a good thing: these kinds of antics actually show them for what they are: liars. Jack Conway and company will have to do better. Furthermore, this confirms what tea party goers have claimed elsewhere. UPDATE*****
Tyler has removed his facebook profile, but the captured screenshots are here:


  1. well, we know what desperate looks like don't we...

    but did he say anything racist??? I couldn't read his sign.

    so he's a douchebag, that makes the stupid racist things the Tea Party has done okay? i don't get the dumbasses who play these stupid games. Let them have their Rand "Aqua God" Paul meeting in peace.

  2. Prove the racist Tea Party part Joe. You must have some proof of what you say. So far I have proven way more racism from left wing groups. I've shown video and pictures. You just have talking points Joe. Why do you keep telling the same lies over and over again Joe?

  3. Mark Williams, Tea party racist. Wrote a vile nasty racist blog about Blacks.

    ohhh, but you support his bigotry by calling it something other than what it is.

    I'm not presenting any untruths keyboard warrior.

    but lets look at these examples..

    and then the poll showing that 73 percent of tea party supporters believe that Blacks would succeed if they only worked harder.

  4. personally i don't get the dude with the TOO BLACK TO BE PRESIDENT comment, who then suggests its not color of skin.

    that doesn't make sense to me

  5. Joe didn't William get fired from the Tea Party Express for his satire post?

  6. "and then the poll showing that 73 percent of tea party supporters believe that Blacks would succeed if they only worked harder." What about the liberals that think blacks can't succeed without help from the Democratic Party? It's their whole platform Joe. They give to blacks because they can't do it on their own. Is that racist in and of itself? Why do you pitty the blacks so much?

  7. Typical Hypocrats. If there WAS any racism they wouldn't have to go to such lengths to fabricate it like this. Seems to me they should be putting all that time and effort into getting RACIST HARRY REID to shut his RACIST mouth. Racist Hypocrats, pointing a finger at the TEA Party with 3 more fingers pointing back at themselves, LOL

  8. Thanks Mike. Joe I posted a responce to your youtube video. It looks like it isn't racism but anti-racism coming out of the Tea Party.I think you need to say sorry for propagating such lies Joe. See Joe there is racism everywhere but we root it out unlike you on the left. That is the difference between us and you guys.

  9. Joe Seems Left Uses Race Baiting For Their Benifit And That Divide And Conquer Thingy.

    Tea Party Welcomes All Joe And Those That Appear And Write Or Say Stupid Things Are Given The BOOT! At This Time They Can Qualify To Be Liberals.

  10. Now that Joe has successfully taken most everyone OFF the subject with his, no proof these are Tea Party people with signs but pictures from left leaning hack websites, post, let’s stay on subject.
    The left infiltrator just exposed the left agenda and how low they will go to make MOST Americans look bad.
    The guys a little weasel.

  11. We Got Almost Three Months To Go And All Sorts Of Situations Are Going To Come Up. The Closer To The Election The More Unruly The Left Will Become. We Must Not Get Sucked Into The Lefts Crap But Thats Not To Say Tea Party Is Anybody Punching Bag Either.

    Imagine The Fear Tea Party Must Be To The Left. Citizens Demonstrating Their Freedom Of Protest In A Peaceful Manner And Have Been Attacked By Left For NO Other Reason Than Doing What OUR Fore Fathers Did When Faced With Tyrrany!

  12. But Mark look at what the video Joe used as proof of racism did. They edited the video so it looks like the teat party is racist. They have been doing this shit all along. And Joe is just helping them out like a liberal zombie.

  13. What is with the tin-foil hats these liberals use all the time? Do they think we can read their minds at our tea parties? I've seen a lot of tin hats at anti-tea party rallies. Just wondering.

  14. Anon, I have seen all that Joe has posted. But just like Obama, he takes the focus of the subject at hand and on to another tier.(like Obama and the Dems failure to bring about a better economy by their policy and still blaming Bush) Don't get caught up on sidetrack debate or the real message will be lost.

  15. Well said Mark. We will see more of this kind of actions from the liberals. We need to think about that before we react the way they want us too. It's always good to know what they plan on doing and counter in a way that makes them look like fools. It's better to act instead of react when you know what to look for. We need to catch these idiots doing what they are doing. Treat them like an expirament when you see them. Get them to react by doing the unexpected. It's like giving your enemy a hug when they want to hurt you. If everyone pointed and laught at the counter protesters at the Tea Party rallies they might do something stupid like strike out. And that is just what the counter protesters wanted you to do to them.


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