Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Video That Will Haunt Barney Frank for Life


They want to do it to us again. Congress is pushing another bailout with our childrens future. It's another $800 billion bailout for those people with upside down mortgages. When will it end? Why do the people that bought too big of homes at the wrong time get bailed out? This is like giving rewards to the kids that fail school and making the A students pay for the rewards. It makes me wish I had taken out a larger mortgage on my house so would owe more then the house was worth. Or if I had bought a bigger home at the begining of the down turn. We need to let capitalism take it's course. Some people must fail and loose what they shouldn't have. I know that sounds harsh but so does making out kids or someone else pay for our debts. I just pray our kids can forgive us for what we are doing to them.


  1. I found another one that will haunt Barney for life too.


  2. The Purple Barney Got It RIGHT The Liberal Barney Oops!

    Did Hear There Was Some Thought Of Freddy And Fanny Reappearing To Pay Off Few Million Of Mortgages.

    Memo Exploring Ways To Enact Amnesty With Out Congressional Approval.

    Things Of This Nature Tend To Make Citizens Uneasy. Its That Thingy About Being Ruled And Not Governed.


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