Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Union Boss Denies Deficits

The public unions are after our money no matter what it costs our kids in deficits. We can't keep spending like the Democratic party keep pushing on us. These unions are even willing to lie about deficits existing in order to get more out of the tax payer hosts they are feeding off of. 


  1. They Knocked On 25,000 To 30,000 Doors A Week. If We Had Those Jobs Just Maybe He Would Have Something Important To Do.

    Reminds Me Where Are Those Jobs Regime Promised To Lazer In On In January. Guess It Got Lost In The Suffle,Suing Arizona,Socialized Insurance,Closed Door Meetings,Giving Unions Their Moneys Worth,Bribes To Obtain Senator Votes,T.V.Shows,Calling Police Stupid, Golf,Stimulus,Running Auto Companies And My Favorite Apologizing For Citizens Arrogance To The World. You Would Think Regime With A Nobel Peace Prize Holder Would Do Better!

    Deficit Is Right Wing Conspiracy. Libs Are All Alike Strong On Spending Tax Payers Money REALLY Weak On Common Sense.


    That is not denial, that is called a flat out lie.

    But notice the jackass said "We do not have a 'short-term' deficit problem" by which is to be an admission of a LONG-TERM deficit problem.
    This is the spin so when called on it he can say 'I did not say that'

  3. Hey, partisan keyboard warrior where a post on state republicans being bought off by Matty Moroun to oppose the DRIC?

    pull the plank outta your eye and get with it.

  4. Joe the plank is in your eye Joe.

  5. Joe did you know that Obama had his own Matty? You do know the story of how Obama got his house don't ya Joe? Talk about a plank Joe.

  6. no, thats a speck Chris. lol...

    so your not going to denounce west side republicans being bought and paid for?

    Hell i don't agree with Virge taking his money either. you can't denounce anyone on your sdie for anything thing because your an ideologue. its a shame...

  7. Joe Just For The Hell Of It Whats Your Opinion On Issue Regarding The Deficit As Not Being A Problem?

  8. Yes Joe I denounce any wrong doing. Why didn't you denounce Obama for taking money fromn Tonny Resko? I've yet to hear you renounce anything Joe. Did you renounce the racism in the Democratic Party and the unions? No Joe you didn't and you never have or never will.

  9. AL said...
    Joe Just For The Hell Of It Whats Your Opinion On Issue Regarding The Deficit As Not Being A Problem?
    Instead just answer AL's question on the topic.


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