Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Ed Schultz Guest Fears Christian Fundamentalists More Than Islamic Fundamentalists

Seriously these libs are going off the wall into a faux reality. Since when is the threat of burning the Koran by a church of 35 people worse then the thousands of Muslims threatening to kill all Americans in retaliation? We have seen numerous beheadings of
Americans and murders in the name of Islam. And when Americans get upset with a Mosque being put in at ground zero the Muslim world threatens us with retaliation's by killing Americans. Talk about an unfounded phobia of a religion that teaches Love. You libs just keep telling your faux phobic fear mongering stories and maybe, just maybe some window licker will believe it.


  1. why do you watch this stuff. Its all garbage.

    And the Cultural center isn't at Ground Zero and it wasn't a threat.

    Damn use some sense.

    And since Christianity teaches love, why do you hate Muslims so much? Homosexuals?

  2. That Barry Lynn I Beleive Is A Atheist Who I Thought Feared NO God!

    Has Far As Homosexuals And Adultry Check Out What Islam Would Have In Store For Ya! Beheadings And Stoning To Death To Me May Be Over The Top But Just My Opinion.

    50 Nuts Threatening To Burn Quran Equals Thousands Of Really Mad Muslems In Middle East.

    Spreading The Gospel In Muslem Country Results In Assaults And CHURCH Being Burnt To The Ground.

    Joe I Dont See That Fuzzy Teaching Of Love Coming From The Quran. My Advise Damn Use Some Sense!

  3. Al, i have no doubt that Islam like Christianity would not allow gay marriage and therefore its not a favorite of mine either. I've told ya I'm not for dogmatic organized religion many times.

    But I can't tell the difference between 9/11 and Svebrennica as far as which religion is more Love based. Perhaps you can.

  4. Joe I don't hate Muslim nor Homosexuals. I just hate what they do. It's you libs and Muslims that hate everyone that disagrees with you.

  5. Joe 911 Was A Killing Of 2800 Or So American Citizen. What Happened In Bosnia Was Many Times Worse And In Killing Fields NO Matter The Number It Is Wrong. I Did Some Reading Up On Svebrennica And I Could Not Understand From My Reading If It Was A Christian Led Or Muslem Led Massacre. To Me All That Matters Is The Killings. Bosnia Has Been Fighting Within Itself For Centuries And Im Not Sure Who Has Done What To Whom Through Out The Centuries. As Usual Then Innocent Pay The Price!

  6. Al Bosnia is a great example of Americans saving Muslims in the one time they were the massacred. It should show the Muslim world what America is all about but instead they still want us dead. I will study up on it and see what brought Christians to the point that they acted like Muslims do as a norm in the Middle East,Africa,EU and Asia.

  7. There is no such thing as a moderate muslim! Most are 'over sensitive' religious zealots. Burn the Koran book and they will cry themselves to sleep - next day they will plot your death. The koran book speaks of a vengeful god unless you convert. Infidels are the jihadists!!


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