Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Arianna Huffington Make a Fool Out of Herself


As NewsBusters has previously reported, liberal Internet publisher Arianna Huffington is breathtakingly ignorant when it comes to basic economic theory.On Sunday, she proved it again by making an absolute fool of herself on ABC's "This Week."With the "Roundtable" segment beginning on the subject of the economy, Huffington noted how the failure of the banking bailout to stimulate growth was "proof that the government does not work."In a stunning display of both idiocy and hypocrisy, she moments later demanded more financial regulations, including a reinstatement of the Depression Era Glass-Steagall Act, to - wait for it! - stimulate the economy.Adding insult to injury, George Will was available to really make clear what an absolute imbecile Huffington is.But we are seeing a lot of this kind of idiocy coming from the left in power. The reason why the left are stepping all over their stories is because they are all lies with about 10% truth. The BS the left wing have been handing us is coming to light the longer they are in power. I'd love to see how stupid they get during some of the debates.

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  1. She Opens Her Mouth The Rest Comes Naturally!


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