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  1. About half of U.S. adults say they are following news about the Tea Party movement, a poll released Thursday indicated.More than two in five, 43 percent, say they agree with the Tea Party's core principles, Angus Reid Public Opinion reported, while 25 percent disagree. The number of people following Tea Party news has increased 8 percentage points since June to 50 percent, while the number in agreement is up 4 percentage points.Nearly a third (32 percent) of those polled say the Tea Party will have a positive effect on U.S. politics while 21 percent say the effect will be negative.This is great news for the conservatives. But it really sucks to be a liberal/Progressive/Democrat.hahahahahaha

  2. Novemeber 2nd Will Be The Date That The Politicans HEAR The Citizens And OUR Message Is Clear! Politicans Will Either Be Accountable To The Citizens THEY Represent Or WE Will Find Politicans Who Will. We Made A Grave Mistake But WE Are About To Take The First Step To Take Back OUR Country From Those Who Think Its THEIR Country. Shame On Politicans Who Have Sold Their Souls For A Ideaology. YOUR Time Has Expired!

  3. Will Eric Holder And The Justice Department Be Looking For Voter Intimidation In November Or Will Citizens Once Again Have To Show Them What It Looks Like,And Once Again Will Justice Department Ignore It. Just My Opinion If Regime Is Wanting To Make Us Look Like A Banana Republic They Have At Last Succeed At Something!

  4. Does Sopros Fund All The Liberal Orgs.?25 September, 2010 06:43

    A new Washington Times investigative report reveals that billionaire, and liberal political activist, George Soros has been funding the Jewish-American advocacy group J Street, despite previous claims from the organization to the contrary.

    According to the Times, Soros and his two children gave $245,000 from July 1, 2008 to June 30, 2009 — which represents a third of the group’s revenue from U.S. sources during that period.

    With the funding now in the open, J Street executive director Jeremy Ben Ami has changed his group‘s stance on Soros’s contributions. In an interview with the Times, Ami said that the $245,000 was part of a $750,000 gift from the Soros family to his organization made over three years, and admitted that during that same period Soros had raised $11 million for J Street and its political action committee.

    J Street has long billed itself as the more reasoned Jewish-American organization, contrasting itself with organizations such as the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC). For example, the group advocates for a two-state solution to the Middle East conflict. That apparently caught the eye, and wallet, of Soros, who has decried “hawkish” Isreali policy, and who has funded such liberal organizations as and Media Matters for America.

    And while earlier versions of the group’s website claimed no connection to Soros, J Street now boasts about the new revelatioin. “I am very, very proud that our movement and what we are trying to do is aligned with the values and principles of George Soros and we are proud to have his support,” Ami told the Times.

    In the past, certain groups and individuals have chosen to distance themselves from Soros because of his views on Israeli foreign policy. During the 2008 election even then-candidate Barack Obama chose to repudiate some of Soros’s comments.

    But for now, J Street is glad to have the endorsement of Soros, and has not indicated that it disagrees with any of his beliefs. Soros has returned the favor, according to his spokesman Michael Vachon: “Mr. Soros believes that J Street makes an important contribution to the debate on Mideast policy.”

  5. Watch How The Libs Go After This Black Man25 September, 2010 06:46

    Herman Cain is not a household name. But it might be in a year.

    Cain, the former CEO of Godfather’s Pizza, is flirting with the idea of a 2012 presidential run says the Daily Caller. And he’s hoping to tap into the grassroots, Tea Party movement if he should take the presidential plunge. “They’re ready for a non-establishment candidate,“ Cain told the DC at a recent ”Spending Revolt” rally in Florida. He has become a sought after figure on the Tea Party speaking circuit.

    He might just have the experience grassroots supporters crave. His strong resume, according to his website, includes a ten year stint leading Godfather’s Pizza, and he’s the past chairman and member of the board of directors for the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City. He also has a daily radio program in Georgia, giving him a microphone to explain his potential platform.

    What might that platform be based on? “I’m not a politician. I’m a problem solver,” Cain told the DC. “The people of Washington DC — when was the last time they fixed anything? Name one. They haven’t fixed anything. That’s what frustrates me and a lot of people.”

    “Political arrogance, reckless spending and passing reckless legislation have defined this administration and Congress,” Cain adds on his website. “Voters are fed up and waking up – and will show up at the polls in November 2010 and beyond.”

    The decision to run, however, has not been finalized. He’s already lost at least one political bid — a 2004 Georgia Senatorial attempt. Money, supporters, and this November’s elections will all factor in to the decision for 2012. For now, he’ happy to give speeches and preach fiscal responsiblity.

    “I’m not announcing anything,” he said in Florida. “I’m just saying.”

  6. Are you a financial adviser? You may not know it, but you've got a green job. Are you a wholesale buyer? You've got a green job, too. Or maybe you're a newspaper reporter. You, too, have a green job -- at least according to the Obama administration.

    For months, Republican Sen. Charles Grassley has been pushing the administration to substantiate its claims of having created nearly 200,000 green jobs. More fundamentally, Grassley has asked Labor Secretary Hilda Solis to state clearly what a green job is. So far, he hasn't gotten an answer.

    Now, Grassley has learned that, in lieu of a settling on a straightforward definition of a green job, the administration has adopted an extraordinarily broad description of such jobs that could include not only financial advisers, wholesale buyers, and reporters, but also public relations specialists, marketing managers, and many more occupations that have nothing to do with protecting the environment.

    If federal money has created any of those jobs, then the administration can claim to have created a green job.

  7. Any scuttlebut about the one man grand jury investigating election fraud by the Oakland County democrat party?

    If I was him, I would be looking at the "On the Road Team" from that group. This group of people got an award from the Oakland Dem party for their work getting out the vote in 2008. Among the members of the team were the 2 Oakland dem officers (obvious they will be investigated) who just resigned after the election fraud story broke, Bruce Fealk, Elizabeth Sadowski - his partner or ex partner in his pseudo news website, and a few others.

  8. I love these videos, Chris. They are a powerful statement and reflect "Americans" constitutional will over the Current Government frame of mind!!!!


  9. As most people know, climate is cyclical. As the following proves, so is climate alarmism.

  10. Great video Chris, thanks for posting it! The wife and I, and another couple (friends) walked again this weekend for Sharron Angle here in NV. Many people are starting to pay attention to the upcoming political races. We even met one man who is a personal friend of Harry Reid's family - and he's not voting for Dirty Harry either. Another couple of democrats believe that Pinky (Sen. Reid) has outworn his welcome here in Nevada and has got to go. The country is changing from the ground up. God Bless the USA! Keep up the fight!

  11. Keep up the good work Michael. NV is such a great state to be given away to the Progressives. We all need to make sure that people get out and vote.


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