Friday, September 24, 2010

'Mom's Gone Crazy:' 4 Killed In Seattle Shooting

Neighbors look on at the scene of a shooting that left four people dead and another... (AP Photo/Elaine Thompson)  It seems like almost every day I'm reading a story about someone killing themselves and taking their family with them. The number of people falling on desperate and depressing times is raising. These people that feel that they have lost all hope to the point of suicide are people no different then you and I. "Only by the grace of God go I" do you remember that saying? It's true. Who knows what brings people to the point of killing themselves or other. These are hard times for all Americans and we need to be vigilant in caring for our fellow man/women. If you could please take the time today to think of people that seem like times are getting overwhelming for them. Take your mind off yourself and your problems for just a moment and think of some people that might be having a hard time of things. Once you have some people in mind let them know that you care and that they are not alone. Just reach out to people and listen to them. You'll never know if you 'saved' them but you will know that you effected them in their life. We can make things better with just a loving, "how are you doing" and mean it. Just taking the time to notice them may be all it takes. And if someone tells you they are depressed or suicidal believe them and get them the help they need. It only takes a moment to save another persons life. And don't forget to pray for all those suffering in these hard times. May God bless you all and I pray all is well with you and yours. If you need us on this blog to pray for anyone please let us know.


  1. Chris, I think about those people all the time (ones who are having a tough time) especially those 9.6% who are unemployed for so long and how are they getting through this. When I walk up to the polling booth on Nov 2nd, I will be thinking of them when I make my choice.
    May we right the ship this Nov.

  2. If Citizens Do Not Get This Election RIGHT There Will Be Many More Citizens Depressed And On Edge. We Need Politicans Who Indeed Put Nation And Citizens First. Without REAL Job Creation(Not Numbers From This Regime That Mean Nothing) This Who Nation Will Be On Suicide Watch. There Is Light At The End Of The Tunnel But In Order To Reach It We Do Need HOPE and More Importantly CHANGE!

  3. Off topic: reverse racism24 September, 2010 12:09

    The decision to drop a case against the New Black Panther Party involved Department of Justice (DOJ) officials appointed by President Barack Obama, according to documents released by a public interest group.

    The new evidence, obtained by Judicial Watch and prepared by the DOJ, contradicts sworn testimony by Thomas Perez, the assistant attorney general for the Civil Rights Division, who testified before the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights in May.

    Perez claimed that political leadership was not involved in the decision to dismiss the lawsuit against the New Black Panther Group, which allegedly intimidated voters outside of a Philadelphia polling station on election day in 2008.

    The evidence contains emails linked to political appointees inside the DOJ, including former Deputy Attorney General David Ogden and the Associate Attorney General Thomas Perrelli.

    "This new evidence shows that the Obama team lied when it said politics did not influence the Black Panther dismissal," Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton said. "We now know that top political leaders inside Obama Justice Department were involved in the call to drop the [lawsuit]."

    According to the Washington Post, former DOJ lawyer J. Christian Adams said that the Civil Rights Division acted only in the interest of protecting minorities.

    How does it feel to be the race on the bottom?


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