Thursday, September 30, 2010

Killing Black With Abortion Is A Progressive Plan

Many in the Progressive community have pushed for abortion rights. The Democratic Party has been a champion of this black genocide under the banner of "it's a women's right to kill her baby". While 80% of all abortion clinics are in black and minority communities. This is by design as this video points out. As the book Freakonomics points out it is used as a tool to curb crime by killing potential criminals. Now the Progressive never come out and say it. But their actions speak greater then words. Look at the Progressives actions not their words. They lie about everything. Some pro-death Progressives try and say they are against abortion but they want a women to have the choice to kill the baby inside her. That is nothing more then a copout and we aren't buying it. When Jesus asks you what you did about the murder of innocent babies will you say "nothing it's the women's fault"? Will you place the blame on someone else? If you are pro-choice then you are for the killing of babies, mostly black.


  1. I am a mother.

    I will protect my child. I will fight for their health. I will fight for their safety and freedom.

    That fight began

    the moment they began

    even in the womb

  2. Watch the powerful film- Maafa21 for the most extensive research on the abortion black genocide connection.

  3. Liberal racists bear a heavy burden for having helped destroy the black family and create a black underclass by their romanticization of ghetto behavior, and their insistence that blacks are victims who cannot be held responsible for what they do. They reject the idea that culture rather than race may help explain the disadvantages those in the black underclass face. It is true, as they point out, that some 40 percent of America’s black children are born poor, and that this fact affects their life chances. But it is also true that 85 percent of these poor children come from single-parent homes. It is this circumstance—studies show that children born into single-parent families are more likely to be poor, regardless of race, than children with two parents—rather than “institutional racism” that actually handicaps them. Yet in the liberal view, any policy aimed at countering illegitimacy and single parenthood among the black underclass is “blaming the victim.”

    The effects of liberal racism can be seen in the way black students taunt those among them who strive for achievement as sellouts who are “acting white.” Liberal racism can be seen in the unholy alliance between the Democrat Party, the National Education Association and other teachers’ unions, and black spokesmen such as Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, to maintain their power by opposing school choice for black children trapped in violent and failing public schools. Liberal racism can be seen in the way black voters are kept on the proverbial “liberal plantation” through scare tactics and attacks on “race traitors” such as Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice, who have defied the party line. Liberal racism can be seen, paradoxically, most clearly in the way anyone straying from its premises is immediately branded as a “racist.” This is a powerful sanction that liberal racists use like a bludgeon to control the public discussion about race.

  4. Great post Chris. I wish more African-Americans would watch these videos. Stop by my page sometime.


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