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Who Is Reading Bonsai From The Right This Week? OPEN THREAD

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These are the countries that have read your blog this week. I say your blog because that is what I believe this blog is. It is the many commenters on this blog that make it interesting. There are a lot of readers out there. Many from other countries. They want to hear what you have to say. I believe it's good to give many perspectives on the issues we face today. The only way that can happen is if you give your perspective. You don't have to agree with the topic or me. Enjoy. Ask questions or just make statements. If you have a question or comment on any topic now is the time.
I thought you might like to see who some of the endorsers of this rally.                                            According to the One Nation Working Together site, “more than 400 organizations, representing tens of thousands of individuals who have endorsed the One Nation Working Together campaign” have signed on as partners for the Oct. 2 rally in Washington, D.C.
This movement includes human and civil rights organizations, unions and trade associations, nonprofit organizations, youth and student groups, religious and other faith groups, educational, peace, environmental, and ethnic associations, and any other groups and individuals who are committed to pulling our country back together now.
President Barack Obama’s own Organizing for America has praised the effort, calling it the “biggest progressive demonstration in decades.” The list of organizations offering their official endorsements for Saturday’s “One Nation” rally reads like a who’s who of the far-left in America, including some usual suspects:


  1. I'd like to say that I think the UAW has made a big mistake by indorsing the One Nation rally to it's members. People will judge you by the company you keep. And if you look on the One Nation web site you will see the UAW and other union with socialist and communist organizations. The Detroit and Chicago demnocratic socialist society are named with the UAW as indorsers together. The UAW, a private sector union, has made a big mistake with this one. I just read the socialist rage Solidarity Magazine for the UAW members. I reads like a socialist(social justice) manifesto. They use all the socialist terms in their articles. They talk about civil disobediance and then they wonder why unions are known for their thugery. I find it hard to believe that the unions have become this. Shame on the UAW. I see that the UAW is now in Mexico and they are trying to unioize other countries as well. Isn't that a conflict of interest for the UAW and it's member? How can the UAW fight for jobs here and in the same time? Do the members ever thing about the way the unions have screwed it's members?

  2. Chris,

    Although a member of the U.A.W. and one who despises it I find it necessary to correct a few things;

    You say "The UAW, a private sector union", that is incorrect. To give one example, the people who work at the MI Secretary of State offices (MI version of the DMV) are U.A.W., those jobs are public sector.

    Second, you make a very common error in assuming that the U.A.W. is somehow a domestic (read U.S.) entity when their name clearly defines itself otherwise:
    The International Union, United Automobile, Aerospace and Agricultural Implement Workers of America, better known as the United Auto Workers (UAW).

  3. Thanks for clearing that up Christopher. The A in UAW means nothing any more.

  4. Chris,

    It was the word "International" I was alluding to by spelling out their name.

  5. Cp doesn't despise it enough to give up the wages and benefits it gives him. And he doesn't have the manhood to ask for his Beck rights either.

    Chris, seems you forgot to highlight some of the other groups....

    Churches and religious groups ranging from Catholic, and Baptist to Islamic, Jewish and even Sihk.

    you know its funny, the Tea Party can hold rallies and have militia members, birthers, turthers and all sorts of other kooks, but the threat your worried about is the One Nation Rally.

    Clean up the dog shit in your own backyard before you go bitching about your neighbors dog.

  6. JoeC,

    Do not worry your pretty little head about my manhood, it is just fine thank you very much.

    As to the good wages and bennies, I made more before outside a union due to my knowledge and work ethic. After 9/11 and MI one state recession jobs became quite scarce, so I took a job with the company I now work which was NON-UNION when they hired me. I voted AGAINST participation in the U.A.W. not once but twice. Anybody who has read my blog knows of this.

    You had better check out the law before touting 'Beck rights', but I love how you use the term 'ask' for them, it is very revealing. If it was indeed a right one would NOT need to ASK for them.

  7. CS, i know the law concerning Beck rights. obviously you don't. For a refresher start with Nlrb V. GM 1963, and Beck V. communication workers. that will give you a head start.

    but for your health and welfare i'll quote the UAW's own webpage...

    Under the Supreme Court decision in CWA v. Beck, nonunion members of the bargaining unit, who pay money to the union under union security agreements, may file objections to nonrepresentational-related expenditures of the money they pay under such agreements. (Such agreements, including those that the UAW is a party to, may be and are applied by the UAW only to require as a condition of employment that covered employees "tender the periodic dues and initiation fees uniformly required as a condition of acquiring or retaining membership" in the union. This means that at any time you may decline membership in the union and be a non-member agency-fee payer. In addition, if you do so, you are eligible to submit an objection to the UAW under Beck as described below.)

    And "ask" is a general term, you could use inform or tell. But enough your losing the argument so i'll switch to semantical BS.

    So you would be a fee payer, because under Federal law the Company and Union are required to bargain for you. Somehow you don't wish to do that so its obvious that despite your hatred. your too scared to inform the union of your desire to become a non-member.

  8. Joe,

    What you fail to understand or deceptively fail to say is that Beck can only be asserted by NON-MEMEBERS, or in other words remain non-union.

    As to current members it is all about disclosure on union expenditures, nothing more.

    Now admittedly I was not aware of this previously otherwise I would not be a member, but being one and aware I advise ALL new hires about their rights.

    Again, you did not do your research or you purposely are disclosing the facts, either way you are wrong.


  10. I Look Forward With Great Anticipation To See How The Rally Goes! With All The Unhappy,Angry And Disillusioned Citizens Going Hope They Bussed In A Couple Bondsman With Them. Yes Indeed It Will Be Interesting.

  11. In response to the success of the Tea Party rallies in April 2009, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) accused the nascent movement of being “astroturf”–a political term of art for a faux movement funded by traditional powers to give a cause the appearance of independent grassroots support.

    Pelosi repeated the “astroturf” slur in August 2009 as Tea Party activists showed up in large numbers at healthcare townhall meetings.

    Five national tea party-related rallies have been held in our nation’s capitol in the past year and half. If there was evidence that thousands of tea party activists were getting free bus rides to these rallies, surely the media would have made certain the whole world knew about it.

    On October 2nd, the NAACP and national labor unions will give tens of thousands of people free bus rides, free lunches, free T-shirts and free Metro farecards as inducements to attend the One Nation Working Together rally being organized by a coalition of radical leftist organizations at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C.

    The Service Employees International Union (SEIU) has promised to give free bus rides from major metropolitan areas within twelve hours of D.C. The United Steelworkers are also busing in demonstrators from across the Northeast. Even the Screen Actors Guild is ‘getting on the bus.’

    Local NAACP chapters on the East coast are also offering free buses, as are the Communication Workers of America.

    Rally co-sponsor the AFL-CIO states, “Unions are sponsoring some 1,400 buses from around the country to come to the march.”

    At an average of an estimated 50 passengers per bus, that comes to about 70,000 attendees getting free rides to the rally.

    To be sure, not everyone is getting a free ride, as other groups are charging for bus transportations. But the vast number of free rides being offered bespeaks a financial giveway by the unions and the NAACP in the millions of dollars.

  12. The members of the UAW may finally realize that Unions don’t work. It’s common knowledge these days that the UAW was the driving force in GM’s stellar $10.6B loss in 2005, $2B loss in 2006. Or Ford’s $6B loss in 2006. The UAW drove wages to $75/hr (base + benefits) for unskilled labor. Of course, the management accepted it, so management is to blame too.

    Now that Ford and GM have no money left, the UAW really can’t screw them anymore. With $12B in losses, the management at GM has pretty decent footing when it says, “sorry, can’t give you more”. It’s not the same as the concessions they gave during the auto boom.

    Who’s going to get screwed now? Well, you are, of course!

    First, the auto workers will get screwed. Too bad they don’t read this blog! The latest contract GM struck last week makes this obvious. The workers will get no pay raises for 4 years, in exchange for some mild promises about not getting laid off. Of course, they are so overpaid now, this isn’t a huge deal, but in 3 years, they’ll feel screwed anyway. But here is the kicker – as part of this deal, a union-run trust fund is now responsible for a huge chunk of retiree health benefits. A $51B liability. Hmmm.. I’ve been unable to find crisp details about how this is funded and how its going to work, but it sounds like the UAW is going to get about $35B from GM to fund a $51B liability. Wall Street is hailing this, of course, because GM just wrote off ~$16B in debt. That’s pretty sweet.

    So, last time I checked, the UAW wasn’t exactly the best with managing money. With $35B in their pocket, do you think the Union Leaders aren’t going to be banking several 10’s of millions for themselves? They will. Who will they hire to manage this money? Their friends? For a small fee? Yes. A big fee? Yes.

    When the smoke clears, the UAW will have shrunk the $35B to $30B through mismanagement of funds when they should have grown it to over $50B. As a result, auto workers will get pennies-on-the-dollar in retirement/health benefits and start screaming. GM and Ford will be bankrupt, so they won’t be able to help. Aha – this is the part where YOU get screwed. Uncle Sam will come in and save the day with their pension and healthcare bailout for auto workers at the taxpayers expense.

    The UAW sucks. Is it clear yet that the UAW has nothing to do with the workers and everything to do with Union Leadership getting rich?

    UAW sucked the life-blood out of GM & Ford. Now their sucking the life-blood out of their own members (no pay raises/fewer benefits). And in a few years they’ll suck the life-blood out of you.

  13. Where is Bruce? I liked reading his and JoeC's comments. I'll be going to One Nation Working Together Rally with the Detroit Socialist of America caravan. I'm not a Socialist but my friend is, so I'm going with her.

  14. McDonald’s health care plans for some of its workers could soon go the way of its trans fat cooking oil. That is to say, the fast food giant is considering dropping coverage for nearly 30,000 workers unless a mandate in the new health care law is changed, according to the Wall Street Journal.

    The Journal reports that last week a senior McDonald‘s official informed the Department of Health and Human Services that the restaurant chain’s insurer won’t meet a 2011 requirement to spend at least 80% to 85% of its premium revenue on medical care.

    Currently, McDonald’s offers “mini-med” programs to workers at 10,500 U.S. locations. Those plans allow a single worker to pay $14 a week for a plan that caps annual benefits at $2,000, or about $32 a week to get coverage up to $10,000 a year, the paper explains.

    But, the WSJ says, McDonald’s and trade groups say the percentage requirement, called a medical loss ratio, is unrealistic for mini-med plans “due to high administrative costs owing to frequent worker turnover, combined with relatively low spending on claims.”

    The requirement was originally included in the law by Democrats who wanted to curb executive compensation and other costs that lawmakers determined as not directly helping patients.

    The Journal based its report on a McDonald’s memo:

    McDonald’s, in a memo to federal officials, said “it would be economically prohibitive for our carrier to continue offering” the mini-med plan unless it got an exemption from the requirement to spend 80% to 85% of premiums on benefits.“Having to drop our current mini-med offering would represent a huge disruption to our 29,500 participants,” said McDonald’s memo, which was reviewed by The Wall Street Journal. “It would deny our people this current benefit that positively impacts their lives and protects their health—and would leave many without an affordable, comparably designed alternative until 2014.”

    The Journal also points out that McDonald’s move is just the latest example of possible unintended consequences from Obama Care: “Dozens of companies have taken charges against earnings—totaling more than $1 billion—over a tax change in prescription-drug benefits for retirees.”

    “We’ve had the opportunity to speak with regulatory agencies directly to better understand the implications of the law and to share our point of view,” Steve Russell, a senior vice president with the company, said in a statement. “Moving forward, we will continue to have an open dialogue with legislators as well as regulators.”

  15. Open thread??? Here I go. Not long after the tea party sprang into being in the spring of 2009, America's elites started vilifying the movement. In an article worthy of a class-action libel suit, The New York Review of Books depicted the tea party's first march on Washington as a parade of bigots.

    Ex-president Jimmy Carter spit venom at tea partiers by saying they resented an African-American president -- a baseless charge of racism willingly echoed by the media.

    When they weren't being defamed as racists, tea party supporters were described as irrational, enraged, seething, and livid. Constituents at town hall meetings who rejected the superficial Democratic Party talking points and demanded answers instead of political spin were portrayed as mobs on the verge of riot. At the very time that real Muslim terrorists were planning a record number of attacks inside the U.S. right under their noses, political apparatchiks in the Department of Homeland Security warned ominously of imaginary right-wing violence as the nation's newest terrorist threat.

    When the elites weren't depicting their fellow Americans as out-of-control racists and anti-government zealots, they tried to downplay their social and political importance. They did so with a demographic attempt at marginalization; the tea partiers, they said, were too old, too white, too middle class to matter in contemporary America, and thus could be safely ignored.

  16. For Those That Dont Get It Tea Party Aint Going Anywhere.

    The Left Has The "Isims" The Citizens Have Each Other. The Left Is Mad The Citizens Will Be Getting Even In November. Its Going To Take More Than One Election To Right The Left But Are Nation Will Survive And Move On.

  17. I think it's great that the workers of America are rallying this weekend. I don't think there will be any violence but I wouldn't bring my kid to that rally. What churches are part of the rally, JoeC?

  18. Heres A Shot In The Dark Rev Jackson,Rev Sharpton and Maybe Even The Rev Wright. That Would Be The Trifica Of Reverends That Have Done What To Impower The Poor And Minorities To Better Their Lots?

  19. I think I'm a portion of your Korean reader, but I thing there are more than one.

  20. Anonymous, not to worry. I'll be there and reporting from the event. Look for a story at The Rochester Citizen on Saturday night or Sunday morning.

    I'm excited to see the positive energy from the what I expect to be hundreds of thousands of people from all ethnic groups and religions coming together for the good of America and showing the world that America is not all hate, as exhibited by the Glenn Beck rally.

    It's going to be fantastic to participate in the One Nation Working Together for Jobs, Justice and Education.

  21. And the Tea Partiers will be therte as well. You better keep the Mall clean like we did. Will they be talking about love or hate? Will they be pumping up the crowd to be "civil disobedient" like the unions are calling for? We've seen what you liberals call "justice", social justice isn't justice. And we all know what the teachers unions and the progressives have done to our educational system. And Congress has been controled by the Democratic Party since 2006. Where are those jobs they promised? You Progressives have screwed up our country big time and now you are going to have a socialist rally to modivate the troups. If the unions and all those left wing Soros driven organizations can't get 1.5 million or more into the Mall then you could call it a failure. But you libs like to make things up. Good luck there and be safe. You are amoung thiefs in that crowd.

  22. Hey Bruce What Will Your Wardrobe Be? Paper Mache Head Or Tin Foil Hat?

    We Will All Be Looking At That Rally As Will The Nation. Remember Dont Litter!

  23. Nan, the churches and church groups that are part of thwe rally are groups like

    Pax Christi, a catholic peace group
    Beulah Church of the Nazarene
    Church of the Evangelical United Church of Christ
    Greater Allen A.M.E. Cathedral
    Pennsylvania Council of Churches
    Sikh Coalition
    Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations
    General Board of Church and Society- United Methodist Church

    Those are just a sampling of the religious groups in the rally.

  24. Mike, actually its common knowledge to all the smart people that lack of car sales caused the losses. And lack of car sales was due to issues beyond the union, like boring cars that consumers didn't want, bad engineering and a good ole boy system that catered to the Peter Principle.

    But the ideologues here don't understand that.

  25. Sorry Joe it wasn't lack of car sales but lack of profit in those car sales. Nice try blaming someone else. It's the union way now isn't it? Can you name one company that did well after the unions took over the company? Cause I can name a bunch of manufacturing jobs that the union pushed out of this state and country. The unions blamed Bush for all those manufaturing jobs going overseas. When in fact they went to other states to get away from the union control over the companies. The unions can thank the American people for saving their asses once again. We saved the steel business,auto business, you name it we saved it thanks to the unions.

  26. Unions Are In The Liberals Pocket And Amount Of Money Spent By Unions On Liberal Policies Would Be Better Spent On MEMBERS Welfare.
    How Has Any Politican In The Last 40 Years Actually Helped Out Workers. They Walk The Walk And Talk The Talk But What Do Union Members Get For Their Buck?
    At This Point It Appears Unemployment, Loss Of Retirement Bennys And Most Importantly Due Do Politicans Loss Of JOBS Due To Regimes Legislation That Helps Create JOBs How?
    If Union Goal Is To Restore Wages To What They Were By Joining Regime In JOB Killing Legislation How In The Hell Does That Help Union Members?
    Decades Of Abuse By Union Workers And Mismanagment By Companies Has NOT Helped Image Of Unions Or Companys. Truth Is With Out Strong Private Sector Unions Will Become Irrelvent!
    Michigan Is Example Of Taxing Companys Out Of State Or Country.
    Still Beleive Politicans Who Would Put Citizens First Could Repeal NAFTA And Bring Import/Export Taxes Into Line Making Them Fair To Support American Workers And Companies.


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