Monday, September 13, 2010

Trump Destroys Mosque-Loving 'Morning Joe' Panel

The left only have their silly little political games were they try and spin everything. The problem is that is all the left have and it ain't working any more just like their liberal policies don't work. 



  1. If Nothing Else This BOOB Does Show How Easy It Is For The Libs To Spend Somebody Elses Money. From Trump To Citizens Just So Damn Easy To Spend Money Thats Not Their To Begin With.

    Still Beleive That Finding Citizens To Build Mosque At Location Will Be Very Difficult At Best. The Location For This Structure Has Meaning To Islam And Once Again Where Is The Sensitivity Thingy Libs Talk About. Must Only Be One Way Sensitivity.

    If Nobama Had Told Islam Dinner He Spoke At That They Have The Right To Build But Their Widom In Doing So Might Be Flawed He Would Have Shown Leadership. Nobama Has Not Shown Leadership To This Point And Starting There Would Have Probablly Kept Him Up At Night.

  2. If the Supreme Court had told the plaintiff's in Brown V board that they have the right, but their wisdom in wanting to do so was flawed would that be LEADERSHIP?

    Its not leadership when you tell people that the hatred of others should impact their ability to exercise their rights. Its cowardice and chickenshit.

  3. Joe You Have Come Upon The Words To Discribed This Regimes Leadership Thanks "Cowardice And Chicken Shit". What Does Supreme Court Have To Do With This?

    Joe The Regime Myster Is Who Said Both Statements So Indeed You Have Proven Your Point!

    Hang On A Minute You Set Off My Smoke Alarm!

  4. You and hatred Joe. No one hates them so why do you keep pushing that BS? Just because the left hate Christians and Muslims Hate everyone doesn't mean we do.


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