Monday, September 13, 2010

Why Are The Democrats Distancing Themselves From Their Own Agenda?

If all the disastrous bills these Democrats pushed down our throats was so good for we the people then why are they running on them? They told us they would make thing better but instead they have made them much worse thanks to their actions. The Democratic Party has been in control of both the house and the senate for almost 4 years now. Since we have had the Democrats as a majority and a Democratic president this country has gone to hell. I'm not saying it's all the Democrats fault. The Republicans weren't anything to write your Mom about either. But when it comes to failing the American people the Democrats have won that one hands down. As long as the Democratic Party bows to the Progressives it will fail like the Progressive policies have. It's high time both parties root out the Progressives. But until then I'm all for the Republican Party and the Democratic Party can go to hell for all I care.

Iowa Democratic governor Chet Culver asks voters for a second chance after “honest mistakes”:

And Congressman Glenn Nye of Virginia touts the fact that he “stood up” to his party’s leaders:

All the far-as-the-east-is-from-the-west distancing comes from the frustration of the American people. Almost any poll one looks at shows that voters are upset with President Obama and think the country and economy are on the wrong track. Even more upsetting to voters may be the president’s comments that such a distancing could be just for political reasons, instead of a gravitation toward recognizing genuine concerns.
Suzanne Kosmas, a Congressional candidate in Florida, tries to echo the country’s, and her constituents’, frustration:

But lacking in all the talk of dumping the Democratic agenda is why it is so surprising that current and potential leaders would adopt the sentiments of their constituents, instead of adhere to party lines with fervor. Politicians, after all, are elected to enact the will of the people.
The fact that such a concept is so foreign could mean a shake up in November.
Another popular Democrat distancing himself from Obama and his party is Wisconsin Senator Russ Feingold. A quick visit to his website highlights the trend. The two most prominent headlines are “Feingold is more loyal to Wisconsin than to presidents” and “Feingold will be in Senate when Obama is in Madison.” Both brag that Feingold stayed in Washington while Obama touted his economic agenda in Wisconsin.
In fact, the first article goes as far as to call Feingold a “maverick,” the title popularized by Republican John McCain during the 2008 presidential campaign.
True to form, he touts his vote against the controversial bank bailouts:


  1. First Off Did Not Hear The Mystros Name Mentioned Once But His Policies Seem To Be Useful To Most These Democrats. There Cry Is Hey We Did Not Vote For This Crap!

    Just Makes Me Peed Off To See The Mystro Now All Of A Sudden Come To The Fore Front Of Economic Conditions In This Country And He Now Shows Crockadile Tears Toward Citizens And There Plight Which He Helped Create. For Months This regime Pushed Agenda Down Citizens Throat Because He And The Regime Thinks Citizens Are To Stupid To Do Any Real Thinking On Their Own.
    First It Blame Republicans For NO Real Progress On Economy Or Job Creation. Guess Regime As Not Figured Out They Do Not Need Republican Help They Are The Majority And CAN Pass Any Legislation They Want. Its The Same Thing As When Nobama Care Was On This Regimes Plate And Jobs Were Not Important.They Had The Majority From Day One To Pass Anything Period And Did Not Cause They Lack The Knucks To Lead!
    Now Boehners Tan ,Cigarete Smoking Are Actually Issues. Wonder Why Lazering In On Jobs Was Never Issue UNTIL Two Months Before Election! This Regime Has NO Shame NO Leadership And NOW No Confedence From The Voters. Wonder Why?

    Come On Nobama Get Out There And Stump For Your Demoncartic Collegues Please!

  2. Here in Nevada, Rory Reid doesn't use his last name, and recently acknowledge that his father tried to talk him out of running for governor because that would hurt his (Pinky's) chances of getting elected. Two Reids don't make a right! As for that "Liberal Fool" Feingold, (running in my original birth state) he has voted for every FOOL idea that the president and Pinky (Harry Reid) forced on the American people. Beware of that "Liberal Fool" Feingold, for he is a loyalist of failing policies – to the end. So let's end him!


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