Thursday, October 28, 2010

Beck: The Deindustrialization of America


I went to a UAW party last weekend. They gave out toys from the Oriental Trading Company. What choice do they have but to send their money to China? The least they could have done was not give anything made in China. But they only preach about buy American. Come on UAW can't you just try and live by your own rules? And while your at it stop scaring away all the manufacturing jobs to states without such a union stronghold and abuse of manufacturing. Ask a UAW worker if they think they will be able to get their kids and family members into the UAW. They all got their jobs from a family member or a friend. But they almost all know that they will not be able to do the same for their family and friends. Thanks to heavy taxes and unfriendly labor unions everyone has left the state of Michigan or the country. I was talking to a local businesses man today. He used to be a UAW worker until he took a buy out. He bought a business with his money. It's funny how he said his views have changed from those union days. I asked if he would hire a union member to work for him in his new business. He laughed and said, "Hell no! They'd break me." Oh, so true.

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