Thursday, October 28, 2010

This President Calls Americans Enemies That Need To Be Punished

'This Is How the Great, Post-Racial Promise of Obama Ends'

This is the first time I know of were a president of the USA has called Americans enemies. On top of calling most American "our enemy" he is playing racial politics using Latinos. Obama isn't acting like a leader should, but he is acting just like a community activist. Do we need any more evidence that this president is unfit to serve? Nothing like throwing gas on a fire to try and inflame this nation even more then it already is.


  1. The "Great Divider" has finally showed his Community Organizing skills which he exposed in full view to all. Im in my late 60s and I cannot remeber a President calling Citizen "The Enemy". That is a Shameful statement made by to what I beleive is a Shameful regime. It is its divide and conquer method taken right out of the Alinsky Hand book for "Radicals". It shows this regimes TRUE colors and it has NOTHING to do with Jobs Economy or Citizens. It has everything to do with Changing OUR great country to a Europian Socalist Government. There is NO shame in this Regime and Voters must act in November to END this Madness. If we the citizens do not TAKE Our country back we will REAP what we Sow. To me thats unexcetable.

  2. Al and Chris, President Obama is making perfect sense. He tried more than any President I can think of to work with Republicans and every time his hand was slapped away and then today The Hill reports that if Republicans do take over the House John Boehner has no intention of compromising.

    Calling our Republicans as "enemies" is perfectly appropriate given how they have behaved for the last two years.

    I just wish that President Obama had realized this earlier instead of offering his hand in compromise in the first place. President Obama was naive to think Republicans were going to work with him to solve real problems facing the country.

  3. Hussein IS the problem facing this country along with those to be removed come Tuesday.

    Americans do not comprimise with Marxists.

  4. Bruce, please stop spewing the BS about "He tried more than any President I can think of to work with Republicans"
    Your party cut out the Republican out of everything, except those liberal Reps that compromized with Obama, Pelosi & Reid.
    What planet have you been on the last 2 years.

    Obama has already stated that he will veto anything coming out of the new congress that has an R attached to it.
    Boehner also said "To the extent the president wants to work with us, in terms of our goals, we'd welcome his involvement."

  5. Bruce You got to be kidding or not getting enough air in that paper mache head of yours! This regime has one goal CHANGE and he was not going to from the get go work with ANYBODY that disagreed in any way. Those Transparent closed door meetings during socialized health care dont remember ANY other party in the room. The photo OP with GOP leaders was convened for one reason Pressure from C=Span regarding his Promise to conduct negotiations in open!(One Day)
    He will pay a price on Tuesday for his actions as will most of those liberal politicans that have put ideaology before country. Bruce this is just the begining and I can assure you WE the citizens that Love this Nation are not done and will continue OUR retaking of OUR Nation. The community orgainizer has opened the eyes of the citizens and his changing this Nation into Europe aint going to happen not now not ever. Bruce get use to your place in this Nation. As the Great Divider stated "The back of the bus" never to get to Drive it again!


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