Friday, October 8, 2010

The Fabian/American Progressive Society Exposed.

The Fabian Society has changed it's name in America. It is known as Progressive here in America. The ideology's are the same. Both want to control you through social engineering. This ideology has been creeping into our free society like a turtle. Since the Democratic Party has been morphed into this this socialist ideology they have gained power and strength. The problem is that the Tea Party has become a force for freedom loving Americans. We have put up a road block to these socialists and they must remove us as the road block or go around us. Thanks to this admin.,Congress and the main stream media they have been doing both to get "their hearts desire". The "fundamental changes" Obama has been talking about is the move away from our free society and closer to a social engineered society were they tell us what,where and how we can live. To be fair it's not just the Democratic Party that has taken away our freedoms. The Republican Party has done it's share of nudging us away form the Constitutional free America. Please take the time to know the history of western socialism and how the names have changed but the ideology has stayed the same. The Progressive movement up until now has been a wolf in sheep's clothing to mask themselves form the rest of us. Take a close look at the Hungarian Soros and what he wants to do with the money and power he has amass. We are coming to a tipping point in our free society.


  1. wow and here i thought Fabio was just a harmless smut model cover...damn!

  2. What is so bad about socialism? Is it wrong to share your wealth with others? Your Jesus was a socialist.

  3. Favio Think Jesus Was Referring To Needy Not The Clueless.

    Is Not One Of The 10 Commandments Not To Covet Neighbors Wife Or Property.

    Not Being A Scholar Perhaps Liberals Judge Can Amend That One.

  4. Favio, Jesus was a socialist??? Jesus did NOT take other people’s property without consent. He did not force his followers to intrude in to others liberties. Didn't force any one to trade (purchase) anything.
    If you think tending to the needy is socialism, you have no clue what it is, nor who Jesus was.

  5. wow, you need consent to take other people property? Then Mark please tell me why the SC's conservatives upheld eminent domain? Are they socialists now too?

    #2 If he didn't intrude on others liberties, why does the conservative movement always try to intrude on others liberties like Marriage, Sexual preference, pregnancy etc?

  6. OK, Joe let me rephrase my wording here, consent and trade.
    You know damn well what I am saying here Joe. "STEALING" taking without getting something in return.
    Second you call the SC legislature Conservative? Or are they Republicans AND Democrats?
    Now back to the subject since you love to take things off topic all the time.
    Subject "Jesus"
    Fact #1: Jesus did not steal
    Fact #2: Jesus believes in gods command to “be fruitful and multiply.”
    Marriage of gays violates god commend, as they can not multiply.
    You know like Adam and Eve, not Adam and Adam...
    Genesis 1:27, Jesus indicated first that God has made men and women different, and that God is the one who joins men and women together in marriage.

    You mean abortion, right?
    Fact#3: God's commandment... "Thou shall not murder"
    Murder is NOT a liberty.

  7. Joe why is it that conservative want to infringe in the bedroom and you libs want all the other rooms? If you libs want to stick things up your kazoo have at it. But you want to indoctrinate the children into those lifestyles. Why do you libs want that? Why do you libs keep pushing for younger and younger age of consent for sex?


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