Thursday, October 7, 2010

WATCH: O'Reilly Asks Napolitano If She'll Deport Illegal Alien Maid


Now does it sound like the Obama admin. knows what they are doing? Do you feel better knowing that Napolitano doesn't have a clue to her job? Or is she just protecting the Obama admin. from a hidden agenda? It's time we get Americans in office that put Americans first for a change!


  1. I Beleive She Said She Feels Strongly Both Ways!

    Regime Has NO Problem Suing Arizona But Now With Admitted Illegal Using Forged Documents Has Problem Making Up Its Mind What To Do. This Issue Must Be The Same As Voter Intimitation That Regime Also Ignores. Leadership Is Not And Has Not Been Apparent With This Regime On Any Matter Of Importance To Citizens.

  2. It's all election year conjecture to help boost his and the Dems image.
    Don't buy it for a moment.
    If it wasn't for Americans screaming at the top of their lungs, none of this would be happening.

  3. You people just hate Mexicans that's all.

  4. "You people",,now that is a racist comment.

    Mexicans? What about Arabs, Indians (from India), Packistanies, Afghanies, Canadians,,, hell anyone from anywhere that is here ILLEGALLY should be DEPORTED IMMEDIATELY!

    Before you speak again, I am the son of a Canadian immigrant, my Dad, who joined the U.S. Army and then renounced his Canadian citizenship to become a NATURALIZED American citizen and all this was BEFORE he was married and helped produce me and 2 others before me.

    Your tiny brain is centered on racism which has nothing whatsoever to do with the law!

    Get over it, you bore us with such childish games, we live in a land of laws! You don't like it,,move to Packistan.

  5. The left have been reduced to name calling only. What a shame that is all they have left. I've noticed that the left do not have control of their emotions and that is why they act like animals at most of their rallies.

  6. Left Is Angry And Will Get Angrier Because What They Cannot Control Is Truth. If Liberal/Demoncratics Canadates Run On Their Records To Get Reelected They Are Doomed.All Thats Left Is Attack Ads That Are Not Working.November Should Be A Great TimR Nation The Return To Sanity The Discard Of Socialist Ideas!


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