Friday, October 22, 2010

Help Topple The Progressive Machine In Washington. FIRE SANDER LEVIN

Would you like to help topple the Progressive machine in Washington? If that is the outcome you would like to see this Nov 2 then we need to get out and help Don Volaric  upset this Progressive machine. It's time we get someone in Congress that is for WE THE PEOPLE. We need someone that would have voted for our best interests instead of special interests. We have given Sander Levin all the time on earth and all that has happened is he has made government bigger and clumsy. If you want to see national change away from Big Government and fewer rights and choices then vote for Don Volaric. If you want the same old, tired politics then keep voting for Sander Levin. But when our 9 year recession turns into a much bigger deeper depression don't cry about it. If we are to help change Washington then we need your help. I'm going to be spending time helping Don Volaric get his name out. Will you help change the face of Washington? Will you help the Michigan 12th Congressional district fire the Progressive leader Sander Levin? We will be making phone calls and talking to the voters door to door in this district. I'll see you at the polls.


  1. I hope you are successful in getting Sander Levin out of office. I would like to be rid of his brother Carl as well!

  2. Levin is perfect example of Ideaology first Citizen later. Name one peice of legislation he is connected with that improved Job creation or Economy State/National.

    Levin is part of the problem not part of the solution. If nothing else it is the DUTY of all VOTERS to research canadates/records along with what actually the incumbent have done to represent the Citizens who allowed him to occupy THIER seat. If he has NOT earned the right to represent us SIMPLE choice. Time to VOTE for Change and then there MAY be hope!

  3. Levin is the problem. Don Volaric is the solution.


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