Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Man Assaulted & Arrested at Alaska State Fair for ‘Impeach Obama’ Sign

Even though I don't agree with this mans message, just like I didn't agree with the 'Impeach Bush' signs that we saw all the time. But even though I don't agree with the messages of these people doesn't mean I don't agree with them having free speech. I can't believe what people think they can do now that we have a Progressive leadership. This video hurt me to my core to watch how they attacked this disabled old mans.  But it warmed my heartto see how people turned against these anti-Constitution thugs when they were abusing this poor American for using his right of free speech. That POS cop got out of there mighty fast when he realized that he was on the wrong side and the crowd wanted his name and badge numbers. I'd like to know why that cop didn't help that poor man being held captive by these thugs? I'm sorry but I wouldn't have held my cool as well as those great Americans standing up for that poor mans rights. Those men treated that poor man as an animal without water or respect. But because of this new age of electronics we have something stronger then our muscles. We have video. I think that the Alaska DA needs to find out who those men are and arrest them to be charged. The POS cop that sided against the Constitution needs to be looked at as well. He stuck his nose in the event as a cop and then left when he realized the security guards were in the wrong. It's all on video and these men need to be charged. Left or right we need to stand up for our Constitutional rights weather you agree or not with how they use their rights.


  1. Thanks for posting this Chris. Those over reactive cop want-a-be's should be thankful that the crowd didn't react because there sure was a lot of people there surrounding the security.
    No reason for this.
    I don't agree with LaRouche PAC (one, they could never get an article of impeachment through this congress), but the guy has every RIGHT to express his 1st amendment rights and he was denied them.

  2. I Agree With Mark Wrong Message But I Beleive Free Speech And Demonstration Is Still Covered In Constitution.

    Rent a Cops May Also Get To See How Court System Works.

  3. Left vs Right

    I have often wondered why it is that

    the conservatives are called the"right"

    and the liberals are called the "left."

    Then I found this verse in the Bible:

    Ecclesiastes 10:2 (NIV)

    "The heart of the wise inclines to the right, but the heart of the fool to the left."


    And now we know.

  4. I love it Anon. I've never seen that before you pointed our that Bible vs.

  5. Hi Chris,
    Thank you...I think my blog name should be "The Other Fealk's",,,,and I must say that Brucie's silence is Golden with the crowd on 10/2/10.
    God Bless.

  6. In one portion of the email, the Tea Party Express goes onto accuse Eustis and Johns of “attempting to break into our office… resulting in our filing a police report against them.” Eustis and Johns deny all aspects of this allegation. There is no evidence of a police report or charge of this happening.

    “We here at One Nation PAC are another casualty in the wake of destruction that the Tea Party Express unleashes on those in the Tea Party movement who did not ‘beat to their drum,’” said Eustis. “Numerous other individuals and organizations have experienced the same type of disparaging behavior, including Tea Party Patriots, Tea Party Nation, American Liberty Alliance, Eric Odom, Danny Tarkanian, Mark Meckler, Jenny Beth Martin, and the list goes on.”

    In light of the allegations, attorneys for One Nation PAC, Kelly S. Eustis, and Deborah Johns will be responding appropriately.

  7. So Anon it sounds to me like you are "The Other Fealk"? It is amazing how the left have become so quit. And since they have become so quit the number of readers has actually gone UP by a lot. I'm sure they are getting tired of defending their love of all things evil. Why is it that they always go against the Bible when they say they don't believe in the Bible?


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