Thursday, October 7, 2010

How Do You Create Jobs In This Country? Democrats Don't Know How

Seriously, if you can't understand how to create jobs and how jobs have been created then you need to get out of politics. But the truth of the matter is the Democratic Party is clueless on how to create jobs. Take a look at the presidents cabinet. He doesn't have ONE person in his cabinet that has ever worked in the private sector. The sector that creates jobs. This is the common difference between the Republican Party and the Democratic Party. Take for instance the two men running for Michigan's governor. Verge hasn't created a job in his life of professional politician. On the other hand Rick has made a great living creating jobs in this country and bringing business and money to our state. If you were in need of jobs, which every state in the union is, then you need to hire someone that knows how to do that. It's time we get rid of the people that THINK they know how to create jobs and hire people that KNOW how to create jobs. If we can get people in our government that can make it easier for Americans to make money, get rich and work then we will have enough money to pay for the things we need and maybe even the things we want as well. If you think punishing the people and businesses that create jobs is the best way to get this country back on top then you need therapy. As no one is that stupid and senseless. But if all you want is to take from hard working Americans in order to get what you wants then you need God. We must never kill the American dream just because some liberals want to take the dream without working for it.


  1. Creating Jobs Has Always Come From Private Sector. The More Government Control The Less Jobs Are Created. Jobs Are Not Created With Tax Payers Money. They Are Created By Private Sector Citizens Who Invent,Invest, Produce And Sell Products For Profit! To Produce And Sell Products At Profit Is Where The Job Creation And Hiring Take Place.

    Government Is Now Trying To Do To Private Sectior What It Has Done To Public Sector And That Is A Plan That Will Not WORK!

  2. It is by design, the libs do not want to create jobs. They have the socialist utopian dream that the government is the end all, be all, but as Greece and other European nations are realizing (too late) is it is not a dream but rather a nightmare due to the fact it does not nor ever will work.

    Remember NOvember!!!!!

  3. Their actions sure do point us in that direction that's for sure.

  4. Heres A Guy That Cant Even Remember He Was NOT In VIETNAM How Can He Be TRUSTED With Job Creation. He Says He Misspoke About His Military Duty In Vietnam,Citizens Call Those Statements Bold Face Lies. Yet This Guy Could Wind Up In The Senate. Wonderful!


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