Sunday, October 10, 2010

OPEN THREAD: Pres. Obama Rallies Supporters: 'Don't Make Me Look Bad'


It’s starting to feel like desperation time for President Obama and the Democrats.


  1. The "Them" Nobama Is Talking About Are The CITIZENS Who Will Vote In Mid-Terms.

    The Citizens Will Not Prove Him Wrong His Ideaology And Legislation Have And The Righting Of The Wrong Starts In 23 Days Where The Proof Will Be In The Pudding!

  2. Don't make me look bad???
    HE is making himself look bad... but of course, he likes to blame everyone but himself for his troubles.

  3. At least he's not talking to a candidates that likes to dabble in witchcraft, has an illegal immigrant maid, offers to kill a journalist, thinks Dearborn Michigan is under Sharia law or dresses up in Nazi gear. Now that would bad.

  4. More and more people are tuning this baffoon out realizing his word's are just rhetoric and policies damaging their families let alone the Nation as a whole.

    Then there are those like JoeC that like to propogate lies (old lies at that) that have been pushed forth by socialists losing their minds in the thought of losing power.

    Hey Joe, are you surprised that Hussein did not say George Bush was making him look bad?

  5. Joe the guy that you are indorcing is more then dabbling in Marxism. Which is worse, someone that dabbled in witchcraft or a Marxist running as a Democrat?

  6. Actually Chris,

    Withcraft is part of the religion Wicca whose deity is Earth itself. And isn't that the religion of the left highlighted in the cause of 'global warming' as stated by it's prophet Al (I invented the Internet) Gore.

    Maybe this is why O'Donnell is hated by socialists after all, she rejected their stupidty.

  7. OOOOH, I didn't think of it that way. And liberals and pagans get cranked when rejected.

  8. Dabble In Bringing Down Economy! Dabble In Witch Craft!

    Dabble In Socialized Insurance That Will Bring Done Health Care Cost Oops!

    Illegal Hire ,Hired By Outside Agency, Canadate Who Says He Dabbled In Vieatnam War But Oops Misspoke Several Times Normally Those Are Called Lies But Demoncrats Have Different Dictionary!

    Dabble In Trandparentsy Through Closed Doors!

    Dabble In Bringing Terrorist Into Criminal Court!

    Dabble In Apologizing To Europe For Our Arrogance.

    Dabble On Stimulus That Did Not Work!

    Dabbled On Lazering In On Jobs Oops Lost His Dabbler On That One!

    Joe Thats Alot Of Dabbleing To Answer For,Being A Witch May Not Be All That Bad! In Washington DC Might Be Advantage At Least With Pelosi!

  9. And just like Coons and Brown, they can't run on their record, huh, Joe.
    So lets not talk about issues facing Americans, lets just go back 11 years ago and dig up some kind of dirt and take the focus off the issues.

    If the Dems feel they can win on that, once again, they are out of touch with We the People want to see. Jobs, health economy, stabile and free markets... LESS GOVERNMENT.

    Don't get caught up in this diversion tactic folks.

  10. Mr. Obama, you already act unpresidential, selfish, out-of-touch with the American people, and unforgiving - even to your own supporters.

  11. Demoncrats bring up issues of where the moneys coming from for this election but has not answered the questions yet of where all their campagin financing came from in 2008.

    Demoncrats in big trouble come mid terms and have very little in way of accomplishments to run on. In fact most wise demoncrats have chosen to run from Regime on most issues. Three weeks lets think before we vote and thank you nobama for waking up MOST of the VOTERS!


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