Monday, October 11, 2010

The Unions Can Dish It Out But They Can't Take It. Time To Turn The Table

Do you remember a few months ago, when the SEIU and its mob of zombies stomped all over private property, terrorizing a 14-year old boy who was home alone at the time?…And the police stood by and did nothing?

It's about time someone started giving these unions a taste of their own medicine. It took a housewife with the guts and gumption of an army to teach these unions a lesson they will not soon forget. I'd like to see the Chamber of Commerce treat the unions the same way the unions have treated business. These unions are taking money out of our pockets and then threaten us when we protest it. This women found the soft spot of the unions and the Democratic Party. Maybe the Tea Partiers need to organize more protests in front of socialist organizations like SEIU... We need to point out what the unions have chosen to become. Let's start cutting the Democratic Party down at the knees. The unions are doing all the bidding and dirty work of the left wing Democratic Party. These unions have come after us conservatives with a lot of force. The unions money is going toward the Democratic Party and the unions are calling people in mass. The Democratic Party is doing the socialist unions bidding in return. The teachers unions are also exempt of the obamacare taxes. This is against the Constitution, but the Democratic Party wont break a promise to protect and serve the unions. If you video yourself protesting any public union office I'll put it on this blog. If you hear of any videos like this were patriots stand up for themselves let me know. It's time we treat them the way they treat us. They hate it when we do that.
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  1. Got to give her credit but in 22 days the real protest will occur.

  2. That Police Department Had To Think It Was A Crank Call! Usually Its The Citizens Calling On The S.E.I.U. Does Show Citizens Aint Going To Take It Any More. Autum,Leaves Turning And Liberals Have Nothing To Run On EXCEPT What They've Done! OUCH! Thats Gotta Hurt!


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