Sunday, October 31, 2010

'Sanity' Rally Attracts Racists and Insane Liberals

SecularStupidest has sent along a couple of videos from the “Restoring Sanity” rally on Saturday.  It is never fair to define any crowd by the fringe elements.  The left does that to the right all the time.  So this is helpful to show that you can find unstable examples in any large crowd.

The second video gives us a look at some of Astroturf in action at the rally. Republicorp is turning up everywhere these days. At least they weren’t choking anyone this time.
The more I see of these liberal rallies the more I feel sorry for them. And the thing is most of these liberals mean well but in a misguided way. As long as they are calling for violence and clean up after themselves let them have at it. It gives us conservatives some comic relief.


  1. Notice all of the white people. Geez bfealk, I guess that means that lefties are racist!

  2. Damn, you folks are so dense you don't get satire at all. You are using this clip to say there are too many white people? Really.

    The focus if this clip makes a real point about the corporate ownership of the Republican party and the Tea Party by the Chamber of Commerce and the Koch brothers.

    Oh, by the way, the lowest estimate is 215,000 people, about 4 times as many as at the Glenn Beckkk rally.

  3. Are you stoned Bruce? Take a look at the Beck rally pictuyres and all the others out their. You reaqlly are blind,deaf and dumb Bruce.

  4. Bruce You really do get hung up on numbers. Even fuzzy math. Novemeber 2nd will clear up that fuzzy math problem you have! Math must have really been a challenge for ya!

    Well you would not mistake this rally for Tea party Rally. Racial slurs,Takers pointing fingers but not at The Hope and Change Regime. Another example of public education needing to be improved. Where were the minorites Bruce?

  5. Hey dumbass bfealk. I've seen video after video of the rally. Whites galore!


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