Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sharpton: Blacks Unemployed Because of ‘Institutional Racism’

You got to love the way they never get off message on the left. According to the idiots like Rev. Sharpton Republicans are racist. It's true. These left wing simpletons blame everything on Republicans and the racism within the corporate world. I know I'd hire someone with that ideology. LOL


  1. Blah, blah , blah?

    Did you catch the dig at Uncle Clarence Thomas,,oops,,Justice Thomas being "the wrong black"?

    How is it that this wording by Rev. Sharton is not deemed racist?

  2. The Rev Sharpton took a shot at Thomas for NO other reason than he is a Consevative. Thomas should be praised for his Success and Triumph over the racism he over came. Until new Black leaders come forward with ideas and programs that will actually help blacks succeed and not make them dependent on government,thier lot will not change.Almost like the black leaders now are afraid of losing power if more black citizens succeed!
    Dont know if this was before all the hankie pankie trying to get Meek(African American) to drop out of the race in Florida for Crist(white) could take a run at Rubio(American Cuban) for Senate seat! Liberals are running scared and away from legislation they passed.

  3. That's how NOT so Sharp-ton keeps extorting money from his keeping them down.....Wake up Black America!!

  4. I hate Al Sharpton because he only blurs the lines and slings mud. His actions detract from the message.

    I'm not going to watch the video as i don't watch these idiots on TV, but as a reality institutional racism does exist everywhere at some level however minute.

    What happens with Meeks in Florida doesn't have any bearing on whether or not it exists, only if it exists in the terms of Rev Al's mind, which i could care less about.


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