Friday, October 1, 2010

WATCH: Gibbs Lit Up Over Tax Cut Blame Game


The blame game is getting old, but they will never stop using it along with the race card and class warfare.


  1. Stop video point;

    Fun to watch and much to say, but what I find the most bald-faced lie comes at the start @ the 5:01 mark where Gibbs says he does not know how many democrats support what.

    Every president since George Washington has staff that is in place to count prospective votes in the legislature and these people get it down to half a vote no matter the party in the White House.

    Lets see, Gibbs (the White House) blames the legislature (democrat controlled) for not bringing this (tax cuts) to the table sooner yet spent the better part of their admimsitration on pushing Husseincare on the legislature?

    If they had spent that time (realatively short in this economy) on tax cuts more jobs would have been created and maybe (a strech here) Hussseincare might have been more accepted by a few.

    No, they are not interested in helping Americans in tough times, just socialism for socialisms cause and that is power to the elite and f@#k the rest of us.

    For anyone to believe Gibbs in that line is insane.

  2. They act like little kids not leaders. It's no wonder why the rest of the world no longer fears nor respects us.

  3. I love how this administration keeps calling this tax cuts. When they know its to stop a tax increase. They have control of congress, but they blame the Rep. Now bring this up, after spending the last 2 years on HC and worthless stimulus and don't even write a bill for consideration should show the Dems don't care if it expires.
    Rep should use this as a campaign that Dems failed to prevent a tax increase on the middle class before adjournment, as they control both houses and the Presidency. They had support to extend the tax cuts for all Americans, but this administration is playing class warfare.
    The long and short of it, is that they want EVERYONES taxes to go up.


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