Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Bill Ayers’ Wife: U.S. Gov‘t is ’Real Terrorist‘ While Right is ’Racist,‘ ’Armed,‘ and ’Hostile’

Bernadine Dohrn, wife of Bill Ayers and co-founder of the radical left group Weather Underground, reportedly spoke with NewsClick India recently about her thoughts on America and called the right “racist,“ ”armed,“ ”hostile,“ and ”unspeakable.“ The clip ends with her saying that the American government is the ”real terrorist”:
They are taking their masks off. The left wing Democrats sure know how to pick them.


  1. She is a hero.

  2. If shes your hero you indeed have real LOW expectations! Now run back to your Hole!

  3. The progressives are taking over the Democratic Party and leading it off the cliff. Those "Liberal Fools" from CCC (Chicago Community College) are destroying the Dem. Party from within. Keep up the BS, Dohrn!! Soon you will help destroy the Democratic Party for at least a generation....maybe more, we can only hope.

  4. Michael Dohrns ideaology is after more than the Demoncratic party and that is the Issue we must concern ourselves with the "Ideaology". With the large amount of "ISMs" surrounding this regime thats my concern!


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