Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Call To Violence From The MSM Has Started

These liberals look at us and the American dream as the enemy. This less then 20% fringe are coming unhinged. I've been watching more of the MSM to see their take on everything. These liberals are pissed about what they didn't get from the Democratic Party and Obama. We have the MSM putting the thought of revolution on the minds of their viewers which we know is far left. It is becoming obvious that the liberals are hyping up for a "peaceful revolution". We know how those "peaceful protests" end up when liberals are involved. The question is which party are they going to go after? Are they going to go after the Democratic Party and fight for control of the Democratic Party like we have been seeing lately? Or will the liberals hold the Democratic Party together long enough to focus on the Republican Party? How will the monetizing of our debt and the inflation that always comes with the monetizing of debt effect the two parties?


  1. Is this nothing but 'fear mongering' from the left?

    A few points of interest that tells me, this guy needs to re-write his manifesto.
    3:54 mark 'Jobs that even the Republicans don't get, by their wanting to shrink the size of government, they will put Government employee's on unemployment"
    Or better understood is to put them back in to the private sector labor force.
    And I think is was the "American voter" who just put 60+ congress people on unemployment.

    'Dems in power for 2 years' Dems in power longer than that

    "1% (wage earners) has all the capital tied up in the country"
    Wrong. Top 2% own 13% of the nation’s capital.
    Top 3%-20% own 85% of the capital. The rest of us have the remaining.
    Funny the top 20% are both Right AND Left.

    This guy is trying to stir the hornets’ nest by making his comments at a (well known) liberal audience of MSNBC.

  2. mcnbc Heres a guy who is speaking through his ass and offers nothing to IMPROVE anything except the sales of book that will be going NO where! Once again perfect fit with msnbc!

    This is a guy who if there was any real violence would cower in a corner and wet his pants. What a pathetic excuse for MAN but he seems to fit in well with this group of No Nothings a perfect fit!

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