Sunday, November 28, 2010

Can GM Recover With A Lie?

When GM first showed the world and investors in GM the new Volt they said it got 230 MPG.  The EPA mileage rating for the Volt now stands at 93 mgp, significantly less than previous predictions.  The Volt‘s rating comes just days after Nissan’s own electric vehicle, the Leaf, received an estimated 99 mpg rating.
This lie will come back to haunt GM when the investors of this stock sell. I know the unions are buying up the stock in hopes of pushing the value of the stock up. As more and more investors find out this information on how they have been manipulated we will start to see how the American people have been taken for a ride yet again. Let's just watch how this story starts to unravel. One thing an investor hates is a company that lies. All I know is this company has a lot of weight in our stock market. If GM and the unions get caught pushing up GM stock values then the market wont be a good place to keep your money. If the Republican Party was smart they would start looking into what stocks the UAW is buying as well as how GM got the MPG wrong by over 50%. Just remember the Democratic Party and the UAW are the ones in control of GM and we know what their M.O. is.


  1. I do not know why anyone would buy stock in the U.S. Gov. to begin with?

    Even a f_cking kindergarten can see the writing on the wall!

    Who ever invests in Government Motors deserves the loss and the UAW is most deserving.

  2. 2011 Motor Trend Car of The Year Chevy "Volt".

    2009 Nobel Peace Prize Nobama.

    Seems to me Motor Trend Magazine has lowered its Standards to Nobel Peace Prize Award.

    Seems both Awards were basiclly for Doing NOTHING! Both are still unproven.

  3. It amazes me as well Christopher. How many times does it take before investors realize the Democratic Party hates them and wants to take everything they have and give it to the greedy unions? AL it does seem like the world is upside down.

  4. Chris, Al and Chris, CP,

    What we need here is a totally new way of calculating energy use. If you drive less than 20 miles one way to work, with the Volt, you may not use any gasoline, since it can go 40 miles on a charge.

    MPG is no longer a relevant measurement of energy use in passenger vehicles.

    Why is it conservatives see conspiracies everywhere?

  5. Lie? I think not. Chris, a little objectivity would go a long way here instead of just bashing for bashing sake.

    I suspect the 93 is what the EPA made GM use. How to come up with gas mileage for the Volt is subjective.

    Normal gas mileage can be determined by your mileage divided by gas usage, regardless of timespan.

    With the Volt, it is not so clear cut. For example, if you drove 40 miles a day or less, you would use ZERO gas, and mileage would be unlimited.

    If the car is driven 50 miles in a day, for the first 40 miles, no gas is used and during the last 10 miles, 0.2 gallons are used. That's the equivalent of 250 miles per gallon. But, if the driver continues on to 80 miles, total fuel economy would drop to about 100 mpg. And if the driver goes 300 miles, the fuel economy would be just 62.5 mpg.

    The vast majority of drivers travel less that 50 miles per day, so the 230 was reasonable. The 93 resulted from a decision (arbitrary?) by the EPA.

  6. Lets get those Coal Furnaces fired up for OUR new Green Cars!

    Have not heard it yet but me thinks down the road some how, some way charging up this 4 seater is going to Cost just as much as Gas burner. Just has too. How will government make any money in taxes when all those gas machine are PASSE!

    Now I see the Nissan has its own electic auto ready for production. It will be interesting to see what happens with BOTH competeing against each other.

  7. Chris, its my understanding that the UAW VEBA or whatever the Union/GM healthcare is called is planning on selling most of its GM stock, or at least a significant portion. Where did you see that the International is buying more GM stock?

  8. The union had an initial buy on GM's IPO when it first came out. Once the stock hit $33 they started to sell. With the amount of stock they owned they controled the value. We all know what happens when a major controling interest like the UAW buys and sells. Now for the EPA standard vs what GM said the MPG were is more then double. Can you name any other car this has happened too? Why is it that none of the other companies that have unvailed simular hybrid cars came out so far off from the EPA standards? Anon it sounds to me like you are the one a little objectivite. When a company comes out and says their produce can do something it can't just when they unveil an IPO is fishy to say the least. But lets just watch what happens to the stock. If it was anyone else doing what the UAW and the federal government is doing it would be called insider trading. The truth will come out. If you own that stock,and you most likely do in your 401k,do your own research ansd deside weather or not to buy of sell this stock.

  9. A Doctors Labor Is Not My Right01 December, 2010 08:37

    I‘m going to turn a blind eye toward anyone who just decides they’re going to try and get around the Federal taxes while the Marxists are in office. Redistribution of wealth is theft.

    And yes, that means I don’t want the Department of Education, Social Security, Medicare, or Obamacare. All of the money that these programs dole out belong to someone else – it’s not our money, and so to take away these programs will not deny us anything we are owed.

    And let’s privatize the National Highway System as well – we don’t need insurance, because the courts are where we’re supposed to get our justice. If someone can’t recompense another for accidents which damage their person or property, then the courts can put the offender to work to pay off the debt he owes to the victim or the victim’s family.

    But requiring insurance of any kink, including car insurance, is penalizing someone before they have been proven to have done something wrong, and it is theft because they would not otherwise have chosen to buy it.


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