Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Police Kick Blogger Out of Public Event for Recording Van Jones

Did we become a communist country over night? What were they hiding from the public at this public event? Van Jones used to be in the Obama admin. He is a self proclaimed communist and has said many controversial things over the years. So what was he saying to the lefties in the crowed that was worth infringing on this bloggers rights at a public event? What have we become?


  1. It's time to push these cons.We must not give up now when victory is so close.Our friends at, the Ruckus Society, Immokalee Workers, the new SDS, Jobs with Justice, the Brandywine Peace Community, ANSWER, PETA, Stop Huntington Animal Cruelty, MOVE, The Yes Men, Poor People’s Economic Human Rights Campaign, Climate Ground Zero, the Rainforest Action Network, pro-Palestinian Groups, Puerto Rican nationalists, prisoners’ rights organizations and citizen conservation groups are organizing together for a citizen surge.Break some eggs NOW!

  2. "its time to fight" You must have had a relative that was with Custer at the Little Big Horn.Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

  3. Everyone needs to click on It's Time To Fight name to see their web site. It's a window into the craziness and the path of the far left. The far left organizations that are paid for by George Soros and told what to do by him and all his many organizations are joining together. Take a close look at how they admire what Wikileaks is doing to harm our country. It's no wonder why Obama isn't saying anything much about Wikileaks. He's afraid tpo piss them off. If Obama pisses the far left off then he will never ever get reelected for 2012.


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