Friday, November 19, 2010

OPEN SOCIETY: Soros Explains The Anti-Capitalist, Pro-Marxist Tactics He Uses to Fundamentally Transform Countries

This is the man that has his hand deeper the Democratic Party then any other person. He has many left wing organizations like Tide Foundation,,Open Society...George Soros gives the money and the marching orders and the left wing sheeple do his bidding without a thought in their heads. The Democratic Party took these people into the party and now those same people are dragging down the Democratic Party. Maybe they should have picked better bedfellows. And they are the ones that say the Tea Partiers are dangerous. HAA HAA HAA.


  1. Lol. Still not covering the pro-immigration rally huh? Typical intellectually dishonest right winger.

  2. Joe do you mean the rally where a left winger was arrested for assult? I don't cover a lot of things Joe. Get real or cover it on your blog.

  3. Joe why don't you tell us what you think of the subject of this post? Talk about being "typical intellectually dishonest". You are one funny liberal Joe. Thanks for the laughs

  4. Joe you are begininng to sound alike on all subjects posted! liberals have a way of blowing smoke when they do not have answers to issues and you Joe are once again caught in that situation. No debate just smoke We have in the past with you been there done that. What do you think about Soros? Other than his political views wonder on that distribution of wealth thingy hes pushing works for him? Hell he should be driving a Hugo but I really doubt that. What do you think?

    Munipulating Nations economy with HIS money seems to me thats a bad thing! I guess being rich is ok except when you have capitolist ideaology that has worked in OUR nation for how long Joe? Wonder what Marxist Nation holds a candle to Our Nation when Free market is left to Invent produce and employ! In Free market before Unfair trade agreements we were the best and even with them still cannot name markist country that can hold OUR Jock Strap!

    Soros I beleive takes away a Nations pride and when that happens it is doomed to fail and munipliating economy does that. Its like in OUR Nation Liberals take away Citizens Pride/Hope With Life long Entitlements and when that happens Pride and Hope Leave. At that point Citizens with that mentality become Ruled and NOT Governed which I beleive is this Regimes Goal!

  5. Chris, i think I've told you what i feel. He is the leftwing version of Richard Mellon Scaife and others. Both sides have their multi-millionaires putting their millions into partisan politics.

    I'm as offended by him as I am yours.


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