Thursday, November 18, 2010

TSA New Rules

An image captured in the Indianapolis International Airport suggests that while some parents are taking these new invasive procedures, some security professionals are getting a laugh out of it.
This picture shows a computer desktop’s image at one security checkpoint in Indianapolis.  Here’s the desktop image:

The new TSA rules for pat downs and computer strip searches is causing a lot of uproar at the airport. We as a society need to figure out what is groping and what is frisking. These new machines that undress us in front of another person can and will cause distress among fliers. A traveler that filmed his pat down said something that was spot on. He said that if anyone other the the government touched him that way they would be arrested. I could also see that most religious people will have an issue with the methods being used to secure the airplane. I'm sure Muslims will have issue with putting their family through this kind of treatment. But we must not allow one religion or one group to be exempted from this kind of screening. But knowing the way the government acts with the Muslims, my kids and my mom and dad will get the full load treatment while they walk past. It's just a matter of time before a Muslim terrorist shoves some C4 up his crapper and blowes up a plan. The good news is that George Soros sold all his stock in ISO the company that makes the machines that TSA are using. Who would have figured that the friends of the Democratic Party had so much money to be made? All I know is that when I get patted down I'm asking for a women. You don't think that would bother my wife do you? This will be tested by passengers. And the first time someone blows something up the government will blame the people that protested these machines and pat downs. What do you think about these new TSA rules?


  1. It's very simple, do as the Israelies do - PROFILE. Israel has the very best record on flying safely due to proven and pragmatic screening.

    If you care about the friendly skies and safety in them, do as Israel does.

    If it's all about the control of movement of the general population, well you do as this regime is doing.

  2. Cp's right. We need to do as the Isrealis do. Everyone serves, including ultra-patriotic blog writers, eliminating the chickenhawks here and allow Gays in the military.

    Oops we're not talking about those things are we. Just about restricting a persons rights based on race or ethnicity.

  3. We do have choices

    1. Full body pat down! (intrusive)

    2. Full body screen! (intrusive)

    3. Profiling! (politically incorrect)

    It appears the correct choice to some would seem to be Bus, Car, Train or Ship.

    TSA is a Government Agency that is and will be run like any other Government Agency. Ineffective and over budget.

  4. It's been discovered that a TSA agent is charged with statutory rape, enticement of a child and indecent assault and battery on a person 14 or older.

  5. Yes Joe, "Just about restricting a persons rights based on race or ethnicity" ,,,

    Just like the Obama administrations Justice Department..

    Oh thats right we are not talking about restricting white peoples rights, we were speaking about stopping planes from blowing up by islamofascists.

  6. Great point AL. Joe,Christopher also has a great point when it comes to profiling. The left had no problem profiling the Tea Partiers. The thing is because of views like Joes the Muslims,all the terrorists have been Muslim,will most likely not get felt up or looked at nude by the government. Do you think that the FBI doesn't profile? Do they profile serial killers? Alomost all serial killers are men. It sounds to me like serial killers and terrorist do a fine job profiling themselves. We just need to notice it. When I lived in Japan and went to Korea for vacation the Japanese talked to me. They looked for signs of fear or nervousness. That is what our boarder patrol does as well. A dog and a good profiler,not of race or ethnicity but of reaction to questioning. It's hard to train a person to not act queezy when asked pointed questions. I'm sure the Israel government doesn't just look for Muslims. If they did then Muslims just need to look and act Isreally. Those are the things a trained profiler will look for. Not a berka or a towl on the head. That is just ignorant talk not common sense. Joe you on the left think with your emotions. Emotions don't help make good decisions. Take for instance the dumb thought that profiling terrorist only look for Muslim looking people. Do ya really think that the terrorist wouldn't find a way around that one? Do ya really think that Muslim terrorist come in every color and ethnicity? You must or you would never have said such a ignorant thing.

  7. I wonder what the money trail is on the new screening devices. Gotta beleive some where theres politicans hand in the profits. I have heard Soros had stock in company but just unloaded it. That also would not be a total shock!

    Still think Profiling would be the best way of handling security if Private sector has more input. TSA seems to be Government agency run like government agency and that can't be good.

    Flying public has to make choice security or another possible 911. Any action would be better than pre 911 which was NO action at all.

  8. Al, great question. Alan Chertoff, former head of Homeland Security, has his hands in the screening devices.

    There's the real answer as to why these things are being used. A Republican making a fortune off selling security devices to the government. Who could have guessed that one.

    So glad you asked.

  9. Bruce Number one Alan Chertoff was NOT former head of Homeland security. Michael Chertoff was and if there is a releation I cannot find it at this time.

    Number two I beleive your ole leftist buddy George Soros just sold off 11,000 shares of stock in OSI the parent company of Rapiscan who makes the scanners. Im shocked How about you?

    Number three I am NOT a Republican I am a Conservative and any politicans hand in this would NOT surprise me. I am glad that you seem so happy I asked and seems you may be in need of a "DEPENDS"!

  10. So, Al, tell me the difference between a Republican and a Conservative?

    Which party does a conservative vote for?

    I stand corrected on Chertoff's first name.

    However, Michael Chertoff worked in the Bush administration. George Soros is a capitalist. I thought you liked those guys.

  11. Bruce Tell be the difference between a Progressive and Soros?

    Consevative VOTES on whats best for NATION not Ideaology. You should try that some time. You might find out that being a SHEEP is not a good thing!

    I have voted for Democrats in the past and will do so in the FUTURE if I agree with their views NOT because of Party or Ideaology.

    Captolist are Good for OUR Nation and Job Creation, Markist(Soros) Arent and apparetly you either dont know the difference or dont care. My guess is you dont care now go look for your SHEPARD!

  12. Al, ROFLMAO. You crack me up. You should try a stint as a comedian.


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