Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Tea Party Isd A Lot More Powerful Then They Thought

This is what the Democratic Party gets for what they have done to us tax payers. But it ain't over for the Republican Party. The Republican Party needs to know that this is just a second chance for them. If they don't do right by us then they will go the way of the Whig Party. And if the Democratic Party doesn't purge itself of the Progressive/Socialists that have permeated them they will become extinct. I'm still being amazed at how conservative our government has become with this election. This is a real bad day for the Democratic Party but it is the beginning to the end for liberals within our government. Bye bye liberals.


  1. Although Tea Party made its mark and was drasticlly under estimated by Liberals and MSM! MUCH more needs to be accomplished.We must now KEEP the politicans in Washington feet to the fire today ,tomorrow and in the future. We citizens must never again be WEAK when dealing with OUR representitives.

    In our state alone it was basiclly same ole same ole for OUR Washington Representation. Our State will once again be represented by those that are controlled by out enities that have done what for economy and job creation in OUR state? There is MUCH more to do BUT we have made a good start Nation wide. State has still got a long way to go But CITIZENS have made their choices here.

    The lame duck session now must be watched. The de elected will hopefully act wisely and NOT attempt to push through legislation they do not have to answer for!

    Now its time for cup of Tea and maybe round of GOLF!

  2. No resting for the warriors!

    2012 is politically just around the corner!

    We need total and unabashed gridlock not only now but in the next two years!

    While gridlock on any Hussein legislation is occuring let the constitutional and criminal investigations ROAR!

  3. Interesting. I'm actual pleased that the Kooks got control of the House. It actually releases the tension the Tea Party had created and puts the Republican Party in a bad spot and could help Democrats in 2012 for several reasons.

    1. The logjam will slow Democrat policies which if enacted would re-ignite the base.

    2. The Campaigns of Rosi...ER Christine ODonnell and Sharon Angle cost the GOP a majority in both house and senate. The establishment GOP will push to take back control of the primary process, which could split the party and the conservative vote between far right and moderate/establishment.

    3. By putting Tea Party candidates into "real" public scrutiny there's the chance many end up failing or struggling losing the luster of the whole movement.

    I think this article back up my feelings...

  4. I called the Angle loss...kept telling ya she'd lose.

  5. Hey Joe Lets let the New Congress at least get into session.

    Republicans I agree must be careful cause this loser of a regime will NOW have Republicans to blame!
    This regime with Nobama,House and Senate could still not get anything other than social issues through and in the end thats what cost them seats.
    Citizens want Jobs/Economy addressed not the social agenda of this regime. Republicans must keep their EYE on the ball Jobs/Economy. Citizens with creation of JOBS and strenghening of Economy will see the TRUE nature of this regime and regime will fold like deck of cards. Nobama cannot veto and Demoncrtic Senate will have to move along legislation that will improve citizens concerns Jobs/Economy. If Demoncrats and regime stand in the way MORE will be FIRED in 2012!

    The proof will be in the pudding and politicans who put ideaology first will pay the price once again>

  6. Laura and I were shocked at the stupidity of the sheeple of Nevada at last night's Sharron Angle disappointing celebration. The big casinos transported workers by the bus load to the polls with "recommended voting papers", all democratic....go figure. So, the next time you hear "Poor Vegas is hurting again" and "times are tough", just thank those idiots of Clark County (LV), NV for voting for more business-hindering legislation. We have 15% unemployment here in Clark Co. Those workers don't realize they voted themselves out of job!
    P.S. We did get another Rep. Governor and a great man, Joe Heck, replaced "Dem. Liberal Fool Dina Titus" in congress.

  7. if the republicans and rightwingers had nominated someone worthy of the spot, Reid might have lost, but Angle wasn't capable of beating Reid and the GOP knew that. Hell i knew it, but not the kooks in the Nevada Tea Party.

    Cost yourself a chance to gain both halves.

  8. Joe Halve is all thats neccassary! Its going to take more than one election cycle to clean up the mess but WE are headed in the RIGHT direction.
    Now Citizens will see that Famed lets work together attitude of this Regime. Im betting regime is NOT going to change its Agenda and will do all it can to become the party of NO! Joe thats NO to citizens and their concerns.
    By 2012 betcha Hillary aint going to look bad and the way Demoncrats track record is somebody gotta go under the BUS! Just a matter of WHOM.

    Well its on to November 2012 cannot Wait!

  9. Joe, "I called the Angle loss...kept telling ya she'd lose."
    Got in inside scoop (being an angry unionist and all.......) on how Angle lost?
    Love to hear it.

  10. Joe, did you ever think that maybe the Rerpublican Party left some Progressives in office without any support in order to set them up as a sacrificial lamb? You may be right Joe only if the Republicans don't turn things around. It all hangs on a recovery. And now that we are buying our own debt the future looks mighty bad.

  11. Chris, thats an interesting theory, but no i don't. Politics is a art not a science and one that can't always be controlled ie....O'donell, Paladino and Angle nominations. The GOP had established candidates that would score well with moderates, independents and the far right would choose them just because they were GOP. That got turned upside down by the Tea Party.
    The largely far right conservative tea parties put Candidates in that appealed in some elections only to the far right, and not enough to independents. Subsequently seats the GOP wanted bad got away.

    You'll never convince me that the GOP left Harry Reid standing or that they left the Senate in Dem control. Only stupid people would do that.

  12. Joe Guessing what should of and could have is not to me the problem. I myself do not see that running canadates that lost was a mistake. Running RINO,s or moderates was not the answer to me,Hell might as well vote for moderate Demoncrats. Joe whats the Difference between them.
    In any battle you have losses but in a way that does not matter in the long run WINNING the war is the objective and that is OUR purpose. This election was one small step and in totality Conservatives did quite well. We now will see if newly elected memebers of Congress do what they were elected to do. Bring Economy and Jobs Back. Hell Demoncrats in the Senate now with new legislation coming down the road will have to make up their minds for 2012. Stick with Regime,hows that working out,or moving to the center and staying in the Senate. If Politicans who now BELEIVE,do not do the WILL of the people they in 2012 will be FIRED! Tea Party will be around a lot longer than this regime and politicans who dare again to go against the WILL of the Citizens they Govern NOT rule!

  13. "The GOP had established candidates that would score well with moderates, independents and the far right would choose them just because they were GOP. That got turned upside down by the Tea Party."
    Polls show, Joe, Castles would have lost to the bearded one anyways in Delaware.
    But for the Tea Party first mid-term election, DeMint, Paul and Rubio and a host of House TPP supported candidates, it was quit the victory.
    Can't win them all the first round.
    Four out of 10 voters surveyed in exit polls said they support the movement.
    We are not going away, so get use to it.

  14. Joe this time the GOP didn't pick the candidates. The Tea Party and the voters picked the candidates this time. The Democratic Party,unions and the elites picked the Democratic Party candidates.

  15. Okay, Chris. And the ones that the Tea Party picked alone cost the GOP. Angle, O'donnell, Paladino, etc.

  16. Hey Joe As a whole howd those Tea Party canadtes do? 6 Senate seats 63 House seats. And that cost the progressives what? Hell Old time Demoncrats actually had to run ads this time so diminishing the Tea Party Joe just shows me the effect we had on election.

    Cannot wait till November 2012 cause this regime is NOT going to back off its Ideaology! Citizens spoke on Tuesday and will be waiting again in 2012 to see how ALL politicans preform. If politicans again ignore citizens concern,quite simple YOUR FIRED!


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