Monday, November 1, 2010

40% of Union Members Don't Agree With The Unions On Voting For Democratic Candidates

When will the 40% of union members get their voice heard when it comes to funding who they think will best serve them, the companies they work for and the unions? I think it is a shame that those 40% of union due paying members have no voice on who gets their money. It's no wonder the unions are so dysfunctional and in decline. It's also getting mighty hard to support the unions and it's members when they go against most of Americans ideology. The unions are going to need a lot of luck in the future because they are going to wake up in the bed they made and it ain't going to be pretty. The greed of the unions is coming to a head and that will be their destruction.


  1. I'm a union member for Sharron Angle, here in Nevada.......and we'll be celebrating at the Venetian with Sharron's patriots on Tuesday night. It is about time Harry Reid is sent packing! He doesn't have the stones to get Obama to apologize for his anti-Vegas stance, and furthermore, he can't "Man Up" to take responsibility for failed policy leadership. What a "Liberal Fool", Why should I even hoped he would?
    P.S. I predict a 90 seat asskickin!!

  2. Michael will you be wearing your union logo at the Angle celebration? The 40% need to start speaking out more and showing more of their support for their candidates. I used to be a UAW member and I always spoke my mind about politics on the line. I was supriced at how many UAW members agreed with my conservative politics but were too afraid to say anything. The union and some members can be very mean to members that don't act like political zombies. From what I can tell the conservatives in the unions are getting upset with the unions leaders and their perspective. Well Michael I'm sure you get the same hay from the union members as I did.

  3. I'll be working the polls today. It has been hard finding people to work the polls for fear of what the left might do. I asured all of them that their cell phones are a powerful weapon against those type of Democrats. We've been told that the left/unions might try and start shit with us to get us off the property. I also noticed that on my street all the Republican signs have been taken. All of my signs are gone but one.

  4. lmfao.....I've already got texts talking about GOP harassment and intimidation at polls.

    Chris, just because union members have different views on voting due to single point issues that have little or nothing to do with Union issues doesn't mean that their views should become the Leaderships. The union should support candidates that support unions and their goals despite its membership's cognitive dissidence.

    Should companies have to support candidates of their employees choosing? I mean a majority of Ford's employees are left leaning, including Salary.

  5. Joe Aint November Great Brisk air can you feel the Change?

    I have seen alot of Polls over the last few weeks but none saying most Ford employees lean left. But you work there so cant argue.

    Dont most Union employees lean a bit left cause I dont remember any Auto union supporting Consevative canadate lately.

    It also would be difficult to turn against regime that has given so Much to Union for their support. Problem with any government strong enough to give you something down the road they are strong enough to take it away!

    GM Chrysler got bailed out,socialized insurance The good stuff but in the end if Economy stinks and Job creation stinks most of those benies are going to start smellin too!

    What kind of autos do they drive in France and Greece?

  6. So Joe you are in favor of a dictatorship as long as the dictatorship sides with you. I spent the day at the polls with a union member that would disagree with you and the union whole heartedly. He said that his union leaders told them "to vote with your heart this time". Not vote for the Democratic Party or else. He said that you could have blown him over with a feather after that. He said the unions are changing and they aren't happy with their leaders or the union. You might one day be the minority in the union hall. LOL. I'm off to the Don Volaric party. If Don beats Levin it will be a huge upset that no one seen coming. John is out at the polls trying to oust Gary Peters. And Brian Pennabecker is out in his district promoting change. Let's pray it's a long party for all of us tonight. Joe,Bruce and the rest of the left, Good Luck:-)

  7. Now its time for a cup of TEA!

    Wednsday we begin the proccess of keeping all politicans feet to the fire. We must start immediately and never take OUR eye of the political Ball again. NEVER!

  8. Does anybody Know how much Unions threw into this election? Just wondering! Seems private sector gets beat up for Campaign funding just wonder how Unions contributions stack up. You have to put up to get so I gotta beleive it aint cheap to get this regimes EAR!


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