Sunday, November 14, 2010

Tomorrow Is Opening Day For Deer Hunting In Michigan

Open Thread. Remember what hunters have done to this great natural country. They feed the hungry and give wildlife a place to live. The prey in turn put wild crafted food on the table. Think of it as saving a cow.


  1. Hunters have a great and safe hunt. Deer keep alert cause the taxidermist Cometh!

  2. Hey Al,,,Do ya really think deer read? Just kidding my friend.

    All marreid ladies should beware as well (or single guys) being it is Married Widows Week and cell phones are abound,,,stay true or else.

  3. Bag the big buck, hunters. Wish I was heading up north for the season.

  4. And you won't be joined by the Nuge!

    The once mighty hunting advocate, rightwinger and outright hypocrite is banned from hunting Deer in 35 states, for his conviction of baiting while hunting in California. (some states may ban him from all hunting)

    Justice sometimes is served.

  5. JoeC Hes a good ole boy just loves to hunt! Baiting is LEGAL here and it does help control the DEER herd which if not controlled would lead to starvation for many of them. Also there are many car/deer accidents that cause deaths to citizens. Hell in some countries RULED by "ISMs" thier citizens are treated worse than the deer!

    Important banning would entail politicans from baiting with OUR tax dollars. "Earmarks" Howd the regime do on that one? The bribes for Socialized Insurance was also out and out Hypocrical! Some justice was served on the 2nd with more to follow in 2012!

  6. Al,
    first of all i hunt. So you don't have to tell me about controlling the deer herd.

    2nd baiting is not legal in lower Michigan and given the deer found in Wisconsin recently, it might not be in the UP by next season.

    And finally as hunter your expected to follow these rules. Ted was hunting in California and should have known the basics of what he was doing. He had locals present to explain to him what was legal. He didn't get caught on some minor technicality, he violated a very obvious law.

  7. Joe I agreed with you about Veterans day post.
    But to me this is basiclly the same thing but now your doin what you critized Chris for. You went from Deer hunting to Left/Right thingy. Not all post have to be serious and this one you missed the boat on. Cannot have it both ways or maybe you can!

  8. "baiting is not legal"
    Thought it was... up until 2008
    It's to bad that a 'pack' of bambi lovers have to gather the masses to take actions on other states laws.

    During the fall, I-94 is littered with dead deer thanks to a shotgun only zone. The herd is extremely high in the southern LP and the riffle ban should be re-thought.

  9. If you break the law you should be prosecuted. The problem is the left never feel that way when one of their own does it. Just look at the New Black Panthers and the SEIU members that never got prosecuted for their crimes. I never heard one liberals call for the heads of their own leftests that break the law.

  10. Chris
    You and i will always disagree about whether Gladney was beaten by Reverend McGowan.

    So i will never feel that way about him. But i did say that Kwame deserved to go to jail and deserved to be put back in jail. You remember that right? Ohhh, you forgot, how convenient.

  11. Mark, you didn't put out bait in Nov 2008 did you? The law went into effect in October of that year.

    Hunters don't need to bait. I have shot many deer without bait. And the fact that nose to nose feeding could weaken the herd is off importance to me. CWD has no treatment or known cure. All die.

    As far as the compact i am in favor of it. You get convicted of hunting violations you shouldn't hunt. Anywhere. Thats from a hunter, not a bambi-lover.

  12. Mark,
    As far as your thought on reducing the herd, changing gun types isn't the answer.

    There is one single answer to controlling any herd. No buddy wants to hear it, well 90 of the hunters and all of the anti's. How do you control population growth? Restrict pregnancies.

    And its not likely that we'll get together and spend the time and money to get deer to use rubbers and the pill. What does that leave?

    Does and Doe only seasons. Thats the start. A few seasons of this in southern lower would do wonders for the herd. Imagine the trophies after 2 or 3 years of no buck hunting.

    Next Limit southern lower peninsula to 4 points one side. Create a system where does and older bucks are the only deer taken.

  13. Wow Joe saying Kwame should go back to jail is your big admition? No dah. If that is all you can admite to then shame on you.

  14. Joe, then why does the NDR bring in sharp shooters in to an over populated, no hunting zone... To thin the herd. There is no real effective resources of 'restrict pregnancies'. If you lift the ban on rifles other then shotgun (on state land) you'll have more hunters willing to hunt the southern LP
    I agree with a doe only season, but not a rack point minimum of say 8 to grow the buck population.
    And no, I was saying they ban baiting in 08.
    Yes about baiting. I have bagged them also without it. But more effective.
    And are you saying nose to nose feeding causes the tuberculosis problem?

  15. Mark, the herd needs to be thinned. we agree on that. I don't believe that changing the gun law would be effective. With sabots the shotgun has become effective at over 100 yards. Most ballistic tables suggest 150 to 200 yards. Consistently further than days of my youth with slug guns and many times the distance of my furthest Bow kill.

    The reason we don't have more hunters despite a large and healthy Herd in the southeast lower peninsula is lack of public land, lack of access to private land and lastly the idiotic bromance of Deer Camp.

    The only effective way is increasing doe kills. As long as buck kills is a primary way of judging a hunters success and it is, we will never be effective in controlling the herd. Each night driving home up 75 i see too many spikes and 4 points killed. Too many. There is no reason to take anything below a 6 point. You haven't proved your a better or more masculine hunter by taking a young buck over a mature doe. If anything you've gotten less meat with spikes.

    And i am a serious proponent of 4 point per side hunting. I have taken nothing but does off my property for 8 years now and only one buck has been taken an asymmetrical 9 point. No one who has taken a buck before is allowed to take anything less. First timers can shoot at 4 and up. Kids are allowed spikes. And my neighbors think the same way. Once you've killed a 6 point there is no reason to take another. fill your fridge.

  16. Al, there is something that your missing in my point about Ted. I am not criticizing him as a non-hunting, non-gun owning left wing stance. I am being a critical hunter and gun owner. That he's a right winger is not paramount to the discussion.

    While he was once a thoughtful, insightful people into the best things of hunting, his consistent name calling, childish actions and hypocritical actions has harmed something i care about completely.

  17. There are 1 million deer hunters in Michigan this year. I don't think I'd like to see more hunters in the Southern Michigan. I think that opening up crossbows will help many hunters hunt the lower part in a safe mannor. I missed a 5 pointer this year. But the two young men I'm teaching got a deer and seen many deer on state land. It was great to be able to go out for a little while this year. I can't wait for the first snow so I can go coyote hunting.


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