Thursday, December 2, 2010

99ers Debate In A Nutshell

To put this whole debate in a nutshell. Both parties want to help out the 99ers. The Republican Party and some in the Democratic Party want to help out the 99ers buy paying for it out of cuts or the unused stimulus money. Now most Democrats in Congress want to extend benefits for the 99ers by taking more money from your children,grandchildren and great grandchildren. The Democratic Party in Congress have no problem stealing from the next generations. I can't believe that Democratic voters think this is moral and what they want from their Democratic Party reps. Who would want their government stealing from their children? I would be amazed if there is even one 99er out there that doesn't see a problem with taking from the children instead of making cuts to less valuable government pork. If you need help finding stupid government spending that should be cut first, just Google it. It will make your head hurt. And the failed stimulus bill has more then enough left to cover the cost of unemployment extensions. If you want to save the Democratic Party then you need to call them and talk some sense into them. When I say "you" I mean Democrats. It's time you Democrats talk to your party. They can't win this one. They will also loose the tax hike battle as well. There is no way anyone in their right mind will side with with them while getting the largest tax hike in our history. We will all get the largest tax hike in our history just because the Democrats in Congress and Obama want to tax(punish)the "rich" and small businesses. If you think the Democratic Party can win those two battles over the Republican Parties common sense solutions please tell me why? I can't wait to hear it.


  1. Nice post, Chris. Republicans want congress to follow the law, Pay-Go. Democrats think they are above the law. We are all for helping the 99ers, because if ANY one needs assistance, it's them. BUT obey the law, find the cuts that won't cut our defense of our nation, because that is the top responsibility of our government, and GET IT DONE.

  2. 99 need JOBs not Unemployment benifits forever.

    This regime abandoned the Citizens and Our Economy to push social issues. This cost them big time and I expect politicans to now get the legislation needed to jump start the economy and Job creation that the regime NEVER gave a thought to. Conservatives must keep their eye on the ball and make Nobama either pass or veto job creation legislation. The ball is now in OUR court and Conservatives/Tea party must keep pressure on Nobama.

    The unsubstainable DEBT must be dealt with and WE are all as citizens going to have to sacrifice to bring OUR Nation back from the brink of Bankruptcy. There is no other way NONE!

  3. And from talking to many 99ers they not only need a job they want a job instead of handouts. It seems all the new Democratic Party wants to do is socialy change us. An 11% approval rating for this Congress is all the proof needed that they are not acting on behalf of the people left or right. The Democratic Party wanted to create us in the EU image. Looking at the news and all the social unrest in Europe is what we will end with. With less then 20% of the population in America calling themselves liberal it should be us calling the shots not the fringe far left. The problem is most Americans get scared when the left pull their unethical, antisocial antics to get their way.

  4. Oh, come on, Chris.

    Republicans are good at promoting the myth/lie that they are fiscally responsible.

    George W. Bush and the Republican Congress went to war in Iraq and Afghanistan and kept the war off the books to make the deficit look smaller than it really was.

    They also put Medicare Part D on the national credit card and gave a huge gift to the pharmaceutical companies who fund their campaigns. The Pharma lobbyists wrote the damn bill for crying out loud.

    Republicans are willing to borrow $700 billion to give the wealthiest Americans who benefited from the Bush tax cuts the most a extra tax cut over and above the tax cut that 98% of American will get if the tax cuts are extended on the first $250,000 of income.

    It is demonstrably true and provable that the American economy always does better under Democratic Presidents and Democratic Congresses.

    But when it comes to funding unemployment insurance extensions, that's when Republican hypocrites get upset. Give me an F'ing break, Chris.

  5. Bruce Number one Be honest there is NO tax cut it is Extension of Bush tax cuts,honesty is not your forte it appears.

    Regime has Spent 3 Trillion since its come to power,you kind of missed that one. 5 Trillion has been added to DEBT since libs took over Congress in 2006. At least try being Truthful and bring to the table all the FACTS! You are a mushroom when facts get in the way of your talking points. All politicans have had their hand in this MESS and you know it!

    Unemployment rate went up to 9.8% and this regime in 2 years has done what to address this important issue. Regime is fast at extending Unemployment benifits which apparently is the next entitlement they are working on.

    The economy has been STALLED by this regimes social policies and the Private sectors concern about how much the Entitlements will cost them. Really simple Bruce The more business has to spend on labor through taxes the LESS they tend to hire. This regime dunt get that and you dunt either but being in the tank for a Ideaology over Citizens is what you do!

    Republicans will pass Unemployment bennies when the Demons tell them where the funding is coming from. You Know Pay as you Go. Why not use some of the unspent stimulus money Bruce? Spending without Funding is what got us in this mess and WE must start doing the sane thing. You dont have it you cannot spend it!

  6. Al, thanks for making my point. We don't have the money to keep the Bush tax cuts in place, especially when $700 billion will go to those earning $250,000 or more.

    We can't afford that either, but the Republicans are not concerned about paying for the tax cuts for incomes over $250,000 and they don't need a tax cut. It is a tax cut because the Bush tax cuts are due to expire for everyone on 1/1/11.

    Business won't hire until there is DEMAND and there is no demand if the middle class doesn't have any money to spend. The CBO says the best stimulative to the economy is unemployment insurance, which is not a handout, it is insurance. The problem is that there are not enough reserves to pay all the claims due to high unemployment rates which were caused by the Bush administration and Obama inherited.

    How would you like it if your home owner's insurance carrier said they wouldn't pay the claim because they ran out of money.

  7. Bruce

    You are so blinded by Ideaology that you just dont get it. This Regime has shut Private sector down and you blame it on everybody but the government. I see where all politicans have done their part to screw up OUR economy. In your world its the EVIL rich. Got news for you Bruce Who signs your pay check if indeed your employed? Rich or Poor citizen.

    You seem to think government is Entitled to other peoples property and money. Got news for you Its NOT. We must live within OUR means NOT the politicans means. Private sector will NOT hire with more Taxes and that is a FACT. Not hiring means more Unemployment bennies which in your world is a good thing.

    Unemployment rate went up to 9.8 in November which says to me Private Sector is NOT going to do much until after January 2011 if even then.

    What a weak person would think that the economy will or can be turn around on Unemployment checks. That is stupid. If the citizens are using that money to buy products other than necessitys after paying rent utilities and food they must also have a printing press. You typical LEFT mentality says take the PRIDE from a Citizens and make them dependent on Government. That Bruce is a terrible way to run a Government. Soon government wont be Governing it will be Ruling. The Economy and Job Creation is not going to improve till government gets the hell out of the way!

    ps Nobama is OUR leader and has spent 3 Trillion dollars since he came to power. Prior to that he was in the Senate passing all those Money Bills like all the rest of the politicans. 5 Trillion since 2006. Bush aint President your guy is and he will be there half the time Bush was and spend Trillions more.

  8. Bruce are you serious? How can you keep stealing from your grandkids like this? You are one sick puppy.

  9. Al and Chris, why don't you show me some evidence that the American economy does better and creates more jobs when it's under Republican control than under Democratic control.

    Don't just spout your talking points. Show me the proof.

    Here's an article that proves the opposite, that the economy does better when Democrats are in charge than when Republicans are in charge, by every measure.

    All you have is tinkle-down economics.

    If the Bush tax cuts worked so well, WHERE ARE THE JOBS. Bush: 1 million new jobs. Clinton: 22 million new jobs. I think 22 million is a lot bigger than 1 million.

  10. Bruce, yearly unemployment rates for the last 9 years.
    2001-4.7 1st Bush Tax Cut
    + 9/11
    2002- 5.8
    2003-6.0 2nd Bush Tax Cuts
    2005- 5.1
    2007- 4.6 Congress taken over by Dems
    2009- 10.5
    2010- 9.6
    You haven't been paying attention, have you?

  11. Mark Good post Bruce is the far LEFT at its Worse. He cares not for Country or Citizens. He blows smoke about how great Liberals are and thinks Citizens are stupid. All Citizens have to do is look around see the damage that is occurring. Mid term elections will be just the tip of the ice berg I beleive cause this regime is NOT going to change its Coarse BUT citizens will. Bruce you are a Taker with NO regard for OUR Nations well being. Shame on ya!

  12. Mark, I think it's you that hasn't been paying attention.

    In the Just for the Record series of posts we look at various aspects of economic or fiscal performance for the forty-year period from 1962-2001. We chose 1962 for the starting point as it was the year in which President Kennedy submitted his first budget. Thus, for our purposes, the Kennedy term runs from 1962-1965. The Johnson term runs from 1966-1969 etc. During the forty-year period, each party controlled the White House for a total of twenty years.

    In Part I, we looked at the budget deficit. In Part II we looked at the growth of non-defense employees of the federal government. In Part III, we looked at growth in GDP. In this post we look at unemployment. We got our data here.

    Kennedy 1962-1965
    During the Kennedy years the unemployment rate was 5.5%, 5.7%, 5.2% and 4.5%, respectively. Those four years average an unemployment rate of 5.2%.

    Johnson 1966-1969
    During the Johnson years the unemployment rate was 3.8%, 3.8%, 3.6% and 3.5%, respectively. Those four years average an unemployment rate of 3.7%.

    Nixon 1970-1977
    During the Nixon (and Ford) years the unemployment rate was 4.9%, 5.9%, 5.6%, 4.9%, 5.6%, 8.5%, 7.7% and 7.1% respectively. Those eight years average an unemployment rate of 6.3%.

    Carter 1978-1981
    During the Carter years the unemployment rate was 6.1%, 5.8%, 7.1% and 7.6% respectively. Those four years average an unemployment rate of 6.7%.

    Reagan 1982-1989
    During the Reagan years the unemployment rate was 9.7%, 9.6%, 7.5%, 7.2%, 7.0%, 6.2%, 5.5%, and 5.3% respectively. Those eight years average an unemployment rate of 7.3%.

    Bush 1990-1993
    During the Bush years the unemployment rate was 5.6%, 6.8%, 7.5% and 6.9% respectively. Those four years average an unemployment rate of 6.7%.

    Clinton 1994-2001
    During the Clinton years the unemployment rate was 6.1%, 5.6%, 5.4%, 4.9%, 4.5%, 4.2%, 4.0% and 4.8%, respectively. Those eight years average an unemployment rate of 4.9%.

    For the twenty years in which Republican Presidents submitted a budget, the unemployment rate averaged 6.75%.

    For the twenty years in which Democratic Presidents submitted a budget, the unemployment rate averaged 5.1%.

    Kevin Drum of CalPundit has looked at unemployment rates by party of the President for the period from 1948 through 2001. He used "lag times" of 3, 4 and 5 years in assigning responsibility for economic performance to a President. In each case, unemployment was lower in Democratic administrations than in Republican administrations.

  13. Bruce, what you are failing to understand, it's not the presidency that controls what happens in our economy, but congress. Especially the House, since they are the ones controlling the purse strings of taxation.
    In your data from Kennedy to Clinton the Dems controlled congress, taxation and budgets.
    During that time frame, unemployment averaged 6%

    Now from 1994-2006 Republicans control the congress. And during that time frame from 1994-2006 unemployment average 5.2%.
    When you lower the private sector burden of taxes, as was done under those periods, it shows when Republicans control taxation the employment rate remains at a level that is expectably, which is 5%
    Here is proof of what a Republican congress can do when holding the purse strings.

    Look at the pattern
    Rep. Controlled House 1994-2000

    Republican controlled house when taxes are cut.

    4.7 1st Bush Tax Cut
    + 9/11
    6.0 2nd Bush Tax Cuts

    But nice try.

  14. I agree, Al. What they don't get is when you lay more taxation on the private sector you take capital out of circulation in our economy, and money out of the hand of the citizens to spend on products. That is what fuels our economic.

    When you strip business capital that is used to re-invest back in to a business, the economy slows, that means no one gets hired.

    Right now business has no idea what their taxation rates are going to be because this congress can't get their collective SHIT together. They want the tax cuts for the upper earners to expire because they are pandering to their liberal base, which is 20% of the population.
    Is class warfare. And Americans are fed up with it!

    All the while businesses are not going to hire until they know if their rates will remain the same. If they let the cuts expire, unemployment will remain high, and probably go up.
    The CBO has already came to the same conclusion.

    Those who want work are being held hostage by 20% of the US population.

  15. Bruce in your world Unemployment bennies are job creation. What does unemployment equal in 40 hr week. I beleive its about $7.50 and hour or basicly MINIMUM wage. So from your perspective Citizens sitting at home for MIMIMUM wage are better off than working in strong economy. How does minimum wage bring Nations Economy back to where it belongs?

    All thats been greated Bruce is Citizens dependent on government hand outs which appears to be your Utopia or once again CUBA.

    Mark Bruce has no facts just his ideaology and as you say 20% trying to RULE the rest of US! Aint going to happen but Bruce is to preverted inliberalism to see the harm he has helped cause!


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