Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Obama Is Trying To Eliminate God From Our Country. Why?

A convenient talking point became the latest source of political fodder for President Barack Obama’s antagonists on Capitol Hill Monday. Members of Congress on Monday called on President Obama to issue a public correction after he incorrectly identified “E pluribus unum” as the official motto of the United States, supplanting the country’s real motto, “In God We Trust.”
“In the United States, our motto is ‘E pluribus unum’ — out of many, one,” he said, then compared it to the Indonesian motto, “Bhennika Tunggal Ika — unity in diversity.”
The official motto of the U.S. was established by law in 1956 as “In God We Trust.”
“By misrepresenting things as foundational as the Declaration of Independence and our national motto, you are not only doing a disservice to the people you represent you are casting aside an integral part of American society,” the representatives wrote in a letter requesting the correction. It is obvious that this scholar of America did this on purpose. He knows that we will never trust the government or socialism if God is in the picture. He is trying to remove God at every angle. This president needs to stop this rhetoric. He isn't impressing the Muslims by putting down America,Christians,Jews and God. We're not any safer under Obama since he started this tactic, so he needs to stop it.


  1. Chris,,, I believe the word you may have meant to use in the title of this post is "eliminate" and agree with the article posted as thats what it speaks to.

  2. LMFAO....

    Thats probably what the posting he copied said...

    But here's something strange...

    The original national motto: "E Pluribus Unum"

    The original motto of the United States was secular. "E Pluribus Unum" is Latin for "One from many" or "One from many parts." It refers to the welding of a single federal state from a group of individual political units -- originally colonies and now states.

    On 1776-JUL-4, Congress appointed John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, and Thomas Jefferson to prepare a design for the Great Seal of the United States. The first design, submitted to Congress on 1776-AUG-10 used the motto "E Pluribus Unum." It was rejected. Five other designs also failed to meet with Congress' approval during the next five years. In 1782, Congress asked Mr. Thomson, Secretary of Congress, to complete the project. Thomson, along with a friend named Barton, produced a design that was accepted by Congress on 1782-JUN-10. It included an eagle with a heart-shaped shield, holding arrows and an olive branch in its claws. The motto "E Pluribus Unum" appeared on a scroll held in its beak. The seal was first used on 1782-SEP-16. It was first used on some federal coins in 1795.

  3. so where did you copy this from???
    Sodahead??? RonPaul Forums???

    All the same words....

  4. Joe its not where the words come from but it says about the idiot subversive Hussein is.

  5. Yep, E Pluribus Unum was the original motto. However, since the 1860's 'In God We Trust' has been on our currency and in 1956 had become the official motto of the united states, but this moron, Obama, either doesn't know, or doesn't want to acknowledge it in our country and our history.
    I am really wonder about this guys legitimacy of being the President.

  6. Joe is still trying his raindeer games. Why don't you focus on the issue Joe? Could it be you'd rather keep your head up your butt instead?

  7. well Rudolph the red nosed plagiarist you can't join in our reindeer game....

  8. Cp , its not were you get people to think for you huh???? lmao.

    you make my criticism all the more valid.


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