Saturday, December 11, 2010

Dem Rep: Pelosi is the One Holding Tax Cuts Hostage

In an interview with Greta Van Susteren Thursday night, the Dem. Rep. said that since Pelose is running counter to the Obama administration and the American people by refusing to bring the president’s tax compromise to the House floor. Since the Democrats still control Congress, Rep. Boren might have logic and common sense on his side. There is White House support as well as bipartisan agreement on passing the bill. I find it hard to believe that anyone would believe that it's anyones fault but the fool Democrats in Congress. It is fun watching the die hard Democrats try and spin the truth. Transcript and video via Gateway Pundit:
Greta Van Susteren: Why isn’t it being brought to the floor? Who’s not bringing it to the floor?
Rep. Boren: The Speaker. The Speaker agreed. There was a motion by one of the members of the caucus today to say let’s put this off. Let’s not do this package that the White House and senate Republicans came up with. Let’s come up with our own package. Well, we had that vote last week and guess what? It failed.

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  1. The whole issue over the Bush tax extention should come to the floor with politicans Voting up or down on the Measure. Pelosi is in PRE November mode yet and SHE just does not get it.

    All politicans had better in the next session of CONGRESS get the message from mid terms. Start working on Unsubstainable Deficit. Make a beginning on CUTS in SPENDING. 10% across the board would be a good start BUT that im afraid aint going to happen.
    New Conservative Politicans must keep to the principles they were Elected to maintain. Let the Demoncrats and Regime vote down or Veto spending measures. All spending Legislation must be FUNDED. If we do not start NOW,When?

    Citizens must remember NOT to take OUR Represtives and their Ideaologies for GRANTED anymore. That is what got US here. Citizens disengaged from OUR Government.


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