Monday, December 13, 2010

Look In Your Public Schools For Pagan Religion

I've notice that many of the public schools in my area have driven out all references to Jesus or Christmas. But those same schools that pride themselves on purging religion from public schools have Pagan all around them. They reference Mother Earth and the many solstices. Take a close look at the public schools in your area and then take it to the school boards if they have only replaced one religion for another. If the schools want to get rid of religion that's fine with me. But to replace them is not right. We need to start making the same stink on these Pagan religions as the left made on the Christian and Jewish religions. If you don't know what Pagan religion is then just Google it. That way you will know what to look for.


  1. Pagans have more fun.

  2. When does the short bus pick you up.

    Like the left is filled with pagans who somehow managed to infect all the school boards of all the public schools America wide.

    Funny i have school age kids who haven't come home with one thing about any pagan rituals yet.

    the funniest part is it was the christian religion that co-opted pagan rituals and dates, not the other way around. Why if not for Sol Invictus we might not have the 25th as our Xmas date.

  3. Warrens Mayor who im NO fan of did a Good thing when he said the Christmas Manger will stay in city hall.

    ACLU must be getting that fuzzy feeling and paper work together to challenge the mayor. I do applaud him for his actions!

  4. He was correct. any group that wants to sponsor and display their religious items during their various times should be able to do so. It allows the constituents to share their religion without governmental affiliation.

    If tax money was used then it would be unconstitutional.

  5. Notice a man who doesn't have kids in public schools is telling us what all public schools do. Like Iraqi's in Iraq telling us what all Americans do.


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