Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Assange Is A Hero To The Left

Matalin: “You don’t think that putting innocent lives of our soldiers in jeopardy is an act of terrorism?”
Huffington: “I don’t know why you say that, I think that our government is putting the lives of our soldiers in jeopardy in Afghanistan for no clear national security reason.”
How’s that for “my truth?” Why is it that liberals always fall in love with the people and organizations that want to do America harm?


  1. Assange isn't just anti-American he's also under suspicion for raping those two girls. That is why he is the liberals hero. The only way this guy could get any better for the left is if some souldiers die because of what he is doing.

  2. I have not heard anything about HOW in the hell all these supposedly secret documents got out to "Wikileaks" other than (1) private now in custody. How in the hell did (1) Person do all this. If our secrets are that easy to get onto "Wikileaks" where are the safe guards if any. Releasing names, places and methods we use must be dealt with swiftly and with certainty.
    I guess what we should have done is as I heard today put all are secret paper work in the same place Nobamas colledge transcripts are hidden. They have not been on Wikileaks yet have they?
    Huffington obviously has not been touched by loses to OUR military and only spouts the company line. However,our President has the "Noble Peace Prize" and the responsibility for Afganistan now. He choose to stay on the path we are now on so LEFT really does have a problem. WHOM to blame?

  3. This admin. is so screwed up. I wonder how this guy got all this intel? I wouldn't put it past this admin to have just given it to him. It is a huge screw up for the Obama admin. that's for sure.

  4. "putting the lives of our soldiers in jeopardy in Afghanistan for no clear national security reason.”
    OK then, we now can prove the left (most of them) are clearly clueless. They can't even recognize the national security reason for fighting the Taliban and AQ...

  5. I didn't know Arianna was "THE LEFT". I thought i was "THE LEFT".

    And while i don't support him (Assange) how do you quantify whether anything he's done is putting the troops in harms way? I haven't read the entire release and i doubt 99 percent have so how can you or Matalin quantify it? I'm asking, not critcising.

    Also i don't classify him as a terrorist. I can see considering him a spy or agent provectuer but not terrorist. I think the acceptable definition of terrorism is way too narrow to include Assange. He's not engaging in any act of war, or terrorism, he's spying.

  6. Spying is Bad! I'd still like to know how all that info got out with just (1) individual of very low rank. To have hands on all that I would suspect some kind of security clearance was need.

    Have not heard how or explanation from any body. The silence also concerns me. Just think we should know.

  7. Spying or espionage is bad, but it doesn't make him a terrorist. As for knowing i doubt you'll find out, but it was probably some anti-obama person trying to get some revenge on him.

    I mean who most wants Obama to look bad? The Right!!! they did it.


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