Friday, April 8, 2011

Japan Is Sinking Fast

It is true. Thanks to Japan pouring Yen into their economy and all the other Progressive tactics has put Japan on a coarse of destruction. Japan, the third largest economy, has put herself into massive debt. They did what we are doing back in the early 90's. These massive earthquakes and tsunami's has toppled the country of Japan. Japan wasn't prepared economically for any disaster, let alone a 9.0 quake, tsunami and nuclear disasters. Thanks to their national debt these disasters are sinking this great economy.

Within the next few years or sooner Japan will collapse. I think it may come sooner then later. The one thing I do know is the people of Japan will rebuild their country. They will take care of one another and they will act civil.

Can you imagine what will happen when Japan starts selling our debt to rebuild their country? How much cash will we have to print to pay that off? At this point Japan is printing Yen like we are printing Dollars so we are on the same sliding scale. The other thing is how will it effect us in this country if Japan's economy sinks?

Can our economy handle any more chaos? Can the world handle any more "community organizing"? The bubble will burst, are you prepared for when it does? What are your thoughts on the state of this and other countries? What should we do to prepare?

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