Thursday, April 7, 2011

Rove: Obama Plans to Profit Politically From a Government Shutdown

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In the White House Press Room on Tuesday, President Barack Obama did what comes naturally — scold others. In this case, the Congress. Mr. Obama complained that a budget agreement "could have gotten done three months ago."
What he didn't say was that the budget should have "gotten done" six months ago, before the current fiscal year started last Oct. 1. Our government's failure to have a budget in place halfway through the fiscal year is the president's responsibility. He and his party dominated Congress by wide margins when the budget was supposed to be put in place.


In the short term, it's obvious what Mr. Obama hopes to gain. Having watched his standing as "a strong and decisive leader" drop to 52% in last month's Gallup poll from 60% last year, the president is looking to profit politically from a shutdown of the federal government.
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Who get's to choose what is essential? Obama, that's who. He will pick and choose based on his politics. This is another reason how a government shutdown will serve Obama and the Democratic Party. Obama has the bully pulpit and he will use it like the community agitator that he is. But it might not turn out the way Obama thinks this time around. People don't believe everything he says anymore. The problem is people don't believe the Republicans either. I guess we will see what happens in the end after both sides have played their political hands. How do you think it might turn out?


  1. Fiscal budget SHOULD have been done in October 2010 and was not.Why?

    Demoncrats CONTROLLED both houses and could have PASSED any budget they wanted but choose not to. Why?

    The Demoncrats are using this Crisis THEY made to try and get political gains and to let the "Never let a Crisis go to waste" matra come into play.

    Demoncrats have put THEIR ideaology before Citizens welfare for NO reason other than attempting to get POLITICAL gains. Citizens will see through this dispicable act for what it is and shame on the Demoncrats for putting OUR Nation once again at the mercy of THEIR ideaology!


    Let the chips fall where they may. This is not the 90's, people are awake and paying attention and no matter what the MSM says (or it's 'polling') I believe Rove is dead wrong, socialist's will get the blame.

    This is the only way to get congress to do the very real work needed to face the very real and dangerous path the socialists have put us on.

  3. Idiot Bruce Fealk, how did all those calls for Floppenberg turn out? HAHAHAHAHAHA

    I hope you have a huge telephone bill. Maybe Michael Moore will help you pay for it. After all, he made millions by using non-union labor on his films.

    The voters have spoken! Elections have consequences! Wisconsin wants the unions to STFU and sacrifice like the rest of us.

  4. It is the comments that make this blog so good. If we have a Democratic Party government shutdown things may get worse before they can get better. I hope everyone is prepared. I wouldn't want to see any liberal grasshopers banging on the conservative ants doors begging to be saved from themselves.

  5. I think the republicans will lose this one.

    Its obvious to the working class that the Republicans have targeted those issues that help them out. I am shocked that you would see it any other way. I have moderate republicans and one libertarian at work coming to me talking about class warfare and how they see it now.

    I foresee the blame to continue for republicans when some of these bills and ideologue measures really come into play. 2012 is all most a forgone conclusion for the desm to recover and Obama to win.

    Have a good day fellas.

  6. There the liberal mouthpiece Joe goes with the class warfare. What do you mean by the "working class" Joe? Everybody works ... except some welfare recipients/Dem voters. You think you work harder than everyone else? Give me a break.

    Sure Joe. As we saw in the Wisconsin SC Judge election, you know, that referendum on Walker's policies and budget, the voters (including the "working class") spoke and they really took Walker to the woodshed didn't they? LOL, you're not actually starting to believe your own rhetoric are you Mr. Ed Schultz!?!?

    You'd better stick to being a shop rat rather than trying your hand a prognostication. Because in case you didn't notice, a majority of Dems actually agree with the Republicans on this matter. It's only you extreme lefties that think Reid and Obama have us on a trajectory to greatness.

  7. Demoncrats have made this a Crisis by not acting on the budget at the proper time which was October. The inaction for political/ideaology purpose has not gone unnoticed by MOST citizens and the Demoncrats will in the long run pay a prices for the choises they have made.
    Nobama has shown himself to be less than a inspiring leader and has not been the solution but the problem.

    All the politicans have pissed me off regarding the 100 Billion vs the 73 Billion dollar in cuts cause neither one is a drop in the bucket to what has to be CUT. 100 Billion in a 3 Trillion + budget is what?

    Working class citizen are Tax Payers and can see Unsubstainable DEBT that will be left to their children to pay and for the most part will do whats nessacary to keep liberals from driving US off the cliff.

    Union and special interest maybe for this Regime but Citizens will not Cede control of Their Nation to a bunch of Liberal/Socialist,aint going to happen.

    joe you are correct about 2012 and if Regime runs on its record dont count those chickens to soon. Most Demoncrats have run from that record wonder Why?

  8. Obama is incapable of providing leadership or solving the problems of this country. All he cares about is getting elected, because that‘s all he’s ever done: No surprise he didn’t get more involved in this in a productive way.


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