Sunday, September 25, 2011

Obama Blasts Black Caucus: ‘Stop Complaining, Stop Grumbling, Stop Crying’

President Barack Obama told blacks on Saturday to quit crying and complaining and “put on your marching shoes” to follow him into battle for jobs, opportunity and more "Obama money".

The truth of the matter is blacks are not doing so well since Obama and the Democrats took over. He wants blacks to "have his back" and help get him elected for a second term. The question is what do they think he can do in a second term that he couldn't do in his first? Anything he wanted done, got done thanks to the overwhelming majority of Democrats in both houses of congress in his first two years in office. We are now looking at the outcome of his policies. Can anyone, especially the black community afford another years of the same? Is he really worth losing more?

On a side note the AP "racist" transcibing of Obama's speech is nothing. He spoke in a black dialogue when speaking to the CBC. So what? If Obama wants to drop the G's in ing then who cares. I can't see how quoting Obama is racist. 


  1. "to follow him into battle for jobs" What battle? There has been no battle coming from this administration. People are getting fed up follow the pied piper off the cliff.
    Mr President, stop being a politician. We're fed up with it!

  2. Chris, you don't mind me pointing out that its disingenuous to continually suggest that people have fared this or that since the election, because the root cause of how they fared began well before he took office. Has unemployment gone up during his time in office? Yes but there is no direct corollary between his election and unemployment. It is however linked to the housing market correction and the credit default swap crisis, both of which began prior to his election.

    So once again we find you using weasel words and talking like a used car salesman. Its always an angle not the whole truth.

    But lets once again look at some of the truths behind the numbers. African Americans are employed percentage wise more in Public sector work than any other race. That work is hit the hardest by austerity measures, anti-union and anti-public sector GOP policies. So its ironic that you would criticize Barrack Obama while espousing policy ideas that would increase African American unemployment.

    Or is it? I believe that at the highest levels, The RNC/GOP are aware of this and are actively using this to advance a color based election agenda. And i have certainly mentioned this here before so your aware of it.

  3. /Joe Obama said he could fix the economy and unemployment. He poored trillions of dollars into our economy to fix it. It didn't work very well. All recessions end at some point, except for this one. Bush had a tec bubble burst, a recession and 9/11 yet that recession ended very fast.

    There is no austerity Joe. We have pumped more money into the public sector then we can imagine. Blacks thought that Obama would make things better for them since he took so much money and handed it out. Where is their "Obama money"? Bush put the money in their hands.

    Things have gotten worse, not better. We owe more money then ever and we are broke. It is looking like we will be in another even bigger recession and unemployment will be over 8% for the next three years. Our credit rating is downgraded and you liberals want to keep spending our money because austarity scares you? If we don't make cuts this country will be Greece.

  4. Obama is right. They need to shut up and give him their money. This talk about "his white half" has to stop. If you are black you must vote for Obama or shut up.


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