Monday, February 20, 2012

Were These Men Called Sexist?

[© Birmingham News]The Democratic Party is saying that the religious leaders that spoke out about obamacares infringement on our First Amendment rights are sexist. Maybe someone should ask them if these men were also sexist?


  1. Dr. Martin Luther King spoke out against Obamacare? Wow, sounds like your into the occult because he's been dead for a long time and doesn't make many speaking engagements lately.

  2. I never said these men spoke out about obamacare. I'm just pointing out that these are all men just like the religious leaders were all men. But liberals and Democrats are calling the religious leaders sexist because they are speaking out about one part of obamacare. Thanks for making my point there.

  3. No one made any points for you, including you. It seems like your good with vague associations and lack of any coherent thought. Perhaps you'll call Joec unhinged while you rant about the 2007 elections again?

  4. What are you talking about Anon? "No one made any points for you,including you." Does that sound coherent to you?

    All it takes is to turn on the news and you will see how unhinged liberals are. Just think how unhinged they will get if Obama loses?

    1. Its three times as coherent as the 2007 elections blast Chris! You talk about others being unhinged but prescribe to Beck's apocalyptic theories and the need to store food and water as if the end of the world is coming.

      Your the unhinged one, my little conservative cut and paste artist.


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