Sunday, February 5, 2012

Who Do You Like For The Republican Candidate? Open Thread

I like Santorum the most right now. If he drops out I like Mitt Romney next. Who do you like and why?


  1. None of the above.

    Another election of holding my nose while voting for the eventual GOP nominee in the hope that at the very bare minimum can oust the sitting POS POTUS.

    An important aside in 2012 that I believe is being overlooked is in retaining control of the House and gaining the VOTING majority of the Senate (Tea Party candidates preferably).

    By doing the latter, this will keep either the RINO or God forbid Obama in check and stymied for four years and have full investigative powers.

  2. Obama! As C-P has pointed out, all the GOP candidates suck big time. Obama is the only clear choice.

  3. RE; Paul,

    You clearly misunderstood (as most socialist's do) my message even though it is written in perfectly understandable English.

    I will however in the interest of your education, due to your comment on mine, clear it up for you; Obama is clearly the very LAST choice if one at all.

    In the words (paraphrasing) of the late William F. Buckley; "Anyone in the phone book would be a highly superior choice over Obama" !

  4. You did say that the GOP candidates all stink, didn't you? I agree with you on that. I'd rather be a socialist then a fascist pig!

  5. Socialist are people too.

    Occupy The Hood is coming to Detroit. Whites not welcome.

  6. RE; Paul,

    No I did not say they all stink, you really need to become literate let alone comprehend what you read when you learn how to.

    The figurative phrase "Holding my nose" simply is understood to mean that I myself do not prefer any of the current field of GOP candidates but in no way shape or form will abstain from voting for any of them should they be the nominee. In fact I will support that said nominee 100%.

    Again, education is a challenge for you based on your last sentence. Fascism is historically linked to the Nazis of Adolf Hitlers Germany. Now one has to know just what 'NAZI' means as it is an abbreviation of National SOCIALIST Workers Party.

    So, by you attempting to differentiate the two terms unsuccessfully you have identified yourself as both which by the way does not surprise me one iota.

    Your ignorance in this day and age astounds and saddens me as an American but is clearly an outcome of a broken down and apparently useless education system that plagues this nation.

  7. If you will hold your nose while voting, doesn't that mean they all stink?

    Who would you put on the list?

    1. Jesus H Christ, learn to fricking READ as I have more than answered this.

      As to who I would put on "the list", it matters not as a combination of voters and the candidates themselves are thinning the current list. And come November Obama will be less than a consideration for the top post.

  8. I'd go for Ron Paul or Santorum. The poster was right though about getting more Tea Party folks into the Senate.
    I'd actually vote for a can of orange juice if it kept Obama from being president again.

  9. OBAMA. OBAMA. OBAMA! Every repugnacan sucks Obama's ball sack. Newt and Paul are ape shit crazy. Mitt is a cult member Mormon. Santorum has a personality like a turd.

    Stop bringing the black man down. This is pure white American racism.
    Occupy The Hood

  10. When Newt won a primary, Pelosi nearly sh*t herself saying she wouldn't "allow" him to be the GOP candidate. However, when Romney won 2 states, the Liberals aren't saying a word.... does this set off any alarms? Does this mean that the Liberals think that Romney can't beat Obama and is therefore not a threat?" I want a candidate that makes the Liberals nervous! And that guys it NEWT!

  11. Chris Dernay is a dumb ass.

  12. Oh, Anon. Come join me on Facebook. I'll put my IQ against yours any day. I also take it you don't have a strong character either, that is why you won't use your name. You liberals are all the same. Weak!

  13. I think Santorum is more conservative then Newt. Newt has way too much baggage. We need to focus on what Obama has done, not baggage. Santorum and Romney have clean records making it hard for the media to focus on character flaws. As far as I'm concerned all of these men are electable against Obama. I think most people will back anyone other then Obama when the race is on.

  14. The only baggage Newts got, Chris, is personal baggage, which is, and has been out in the open. I like Santorum, but IMO doesn't have the talent to screw the liberals in to the ground. Neither does Romney.
    Obama is going to use the class warfare and the tax return on Romney to use the "not paying his fair share" card. He'll use the "big corporation" and Romneycare to hammer at Mitt.
    Mitt won't even call Obama a socialist, as Newt has said many time.

    When Newt body slammed Juan and John King on nation TV, the crowd went wild and took South Carolina in a landslide after being down in the polls.
    Thats the kind of candidate I think America would love to see cut Obama down to size.

  15. I do wish Santorum and Romney would show the same grit Newt does. I have no doubt that Newt would cut liberals down to size. I think when we get our man they will keep the focus one Obamas failings and how they will fix it. For the most part all the candidates agree with each other on policies. It all comes down to style over substance now. We need a candidate that is likable. Santorum and Romney are both clean and likable. Newt and Paul not so much. You cant llearn likability. Believe me I could care less who becomes the candidate. I know none of them are perfect but all of them can get the job done. Whoever gets in as president will need conservatives constant contact to keep them on task and to the right. 2010 was just the first wave to push Washington to the right. We conservatives have many years of work to undo what liberals have done.

    We conservatives need to stay positive with all candidates. At some point we will be standing behind them. We as conservatives need to get our friends and family members to vote now and again against Obama. We need to make it our mission to get people to vote. When I talk to someone that voted for Obama I just say, I bet you won't make mistake again.

  16. Marco Rubio.... in a brokered convention!

  17. Conservatives are screwed, but you are too stupid to realize it. Whoever your nominee is will have gone too far right to be able to get the independent voters any candidate needs to win election.


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