Tuesday, October 27, 2009

7 Lies In Under 2 Minutes


  1. Q: How can you tell if a liberal is lying?
    A: If their lips are moving

    Man Chris, I can't wait until vomamike starts up his blog. That's going to be nice to have a liberal who SEEMS to not be completely unhinged.

    Even Bruce is getting too out there for vomamike. Although vomamike did stand up for Bruce when we confronted Bruce about making up the George persona and attacking Brian and all that. Vomamike seemed to be all for it, which I can't understand. I thought he was an okay guy, but maybe I was wrong. Even vomamike is strangely silent on that Grayson idiot's whore comments. Those Democrats will never call out their own for their rancid behavior. Another example of their hypocrisy I guess.

  2. I have a lot of liberal friends that follow the blogs but don't post. And all of them think Bruce is a little off. They think the Bush years drove him crazy. I think it is the conservative movement and the stupid things the Democartats keep doing. I like your blog John. Knowing you it will have a lot of fire and brimstone in it.

  3. Watched Glenn Beck this afternoon and saw a clip of Pelosi say that TAX PAYERS would not have to PAY for Obama Care.Question to any LIB askin if TAX PAYERS aint paying for it WHO IS? China India Just

  4. Anonymous, I have a question for you.

    If you and your family pay $12,000 a year for health care and it's a lousy policy where your insurance company can deny coverage for what you thought were covered services, what good is it?

    Let's say that there is a public option that costs at least 30% less than your current policy,but there are rules in place to prevent the government from denying paying for covered services and other oversight so that you and your family get excellent coverage, which would you choose, a private insurance policy that costs more and covers less or a government run policy that costs less and lives up to the laguage of its contract?

    Much of the cost of the insurance will be paid for by premiums just like private insurance. There will be some up front costs, that I assume will be covered by taxes, but even if your taxes were to go up slightly, there will be significant savings.

    Private insurance companies will more than likely have to lower premiums to compete with the government option and they will also have to live up to their contracts with consumers.

    Also, it was reported by an independent agency last night that our medical system wastes up to $800 billion that when dealt with would pay for most of the reform costs.

    Sounds like an easy choice to me.

  5. Remember everyone, you don't have to answer Bruce's questions, as he refuses to answer anyone else's. Just attack Bruce personally, swear at him, and tell him that his questions are irrelevant.

    Here is a partial list of questions that Failk refuses to answer:

    1. Did you watch Chris' video? If you are for abortion then you should have no problem watching it to be fully informed.
    2. When does a blastocyst become a baby, i.e. when did your grandchild change from a bunch of cells into a human being? Would it have been acceptable to abort just before that point?
    3. Why is it a baby if it is killed when a woman wants it, but it is not a baby if it is aborted when it has been around for the same amount of time?
    4. How much money did you donate to the raped woman's fund?
    5. How much extra did you send in, above and beyond what you owed in income and state taxes, since you are so concerned about others?
    6. Do you think there is any government waste in federal, state, or local spending? Do you think there are any inefficiencies?

  6. Also anonymous, as a reminder, Bruce "Epic" Failk makes up statistics all of the time. He even says in his own comment that he "assumes". This guy is a unabashed liberal. You might want to ask him how Medicare and Social Security are doing. Two more (of many) boondoggles that have been perpetuated on America. Hey Bruce, name one thing that the government has made less expensive. I'm not asking you to name one thing that the government has mandated that they will pay less for. I'm saying name one thing that the government has made less expensive. Go.

  7. Bruce did you know that Medicare turns down more then alll of the other insurance cariers combined? That blows the theory that only insurance carriers deny coverage. You knew that and yet you still use it to scare people into thinking insurance is the bad guy. If insurance is bad the gov't. plan is much much much worse. It's time for you to rethink your stand Bruce.

  8. Bruce not everything comes out the way you and the Democrats plan. In fact you guys have never been right when it comes to numbers.So why would we trust you hairbrain plan to get "Free" health insurance. Obama said unemployment wouldn't go past 8% and it's 10% and we aren't even close to an end yet. That is a 25% increase over his projections. And we didn't even get an,Ooops my bad,out of him.Transparancy and no Lobbiest my butt. Stop believing the liar. You libs will buy anything as long as the guy has a (D) after his/her name. BAAAAAAAH BAAAH. Say it all together now.BAAAAHH BAAAHH

  9. With Obama Care you do not have the CHOICE not to have insurance even IF you CAN afford it! Is that not a loss of ONES FREEDOM! This Health Care is one more EXAMPLE of this Administration Assault on Private Sector. Any body that thinks in time Private Insurance Companys wont DISAPPEAR is either not paying Attention or is a Blind Liberal!
    One Who Gives up FREEDOM For SECURITY will in TIME LOSE BOTH!


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