Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Alan Grayson Calls Female Advisor To Bernanke A “Whore”


Stay Classy, Alan Grayson
Like many Americans, you may not have heard of Congressman Alan Grayson before he claimed that Republicans, because they oppose government-rationed health care, want sick people to “die quickly.” Not only did Grayson refuse to apologize for this nonsense, he has been raising money hand over fist from left-wingers who place a high value on making the health care debate nastier and more partisan. Although Grayson, who employs left-wing hateblogger Matt Stoller (some samples of Stoller’s work here), did finally have to apologize to the Anti-Defamation League when he compared the GOP’s position on health care to the Holocaust, as a general rule, he is following the path of a child who gets rewarded for acting up: more bad behavior with the expectation of more cookies.
Which brings us to him calling Linda Robertson, a senior advisor to Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke, a “whore”:

Longer video, with the quote starting around 1:50, below the fold:

(I don’t know the genesis of this video, which has some … odd choices for images).

Far be it from me to suggest that Alan Grayson should tone down his act. Hey, he’ll probably get another cookie from his enablers.


  1. Yeah, those Democrats and liberals are uber-classy.

    Like when they had all those posters of Bush as Hitler, or called Republicans nazi's, etc.

    But then they freak out when Lyndon Larouche's guys do the same thing with Obama.

    Grayson will get his. The money is pouring into his opponent's coffers as well. Just like Joe Wilson, when he called out the obvious, that Obama is a liar.

    But seriously, those Democrats are losing their minds. You wouldn't know it from their behavior, but they actually control the executive and legislative branches! They are like spoiled little kids whose parents have left them home alone. They seriously need some adult supervision. Bunch of whiny babies.

  2. Chris,
    1st,Alan Grayson is simply put a common jerk.

    As to the second video/audio he is speaking with Alex Jones (prisonplanet.com).This Jones character is extremely into conspiracies and definately fringe (believes 9/11 was perpetrated by the government=truther)

  3. John another example you don't know what you're talking about. The Republicans can't even find a top tier candidate to run against Grayson.

    Four top tier candidates, so called, have all decided not to run against Grayson, so there must be some fear in the Republican rank and file in Florida that they can't beat Grayson.

    He just speaks the truth and you think it's hell.

  4. Bruce - You support what Grayson said, when he called that woman a whore? Time for you to speak some truth buddy. Do you think that is acceptable or not?

  5. Bruce are you serious? The sexism from the left makes me sick. Just look at the way they treated H.Clinton and S.Palin. Bruce you should say you didn't mean it.

  6. espiral, domo arigato gazaimasu. Anata no blogu daisuki desu. Dozo yaroshiku onagai shimasu.

  7. I'll speak for Bruce, since he is strangely silent on this issue. Bruce says that it is fine for a Democrat to call someone else a whore. Even if it was Bruce's own daughter or wife the guy was referring to, it is fine as long as it isn't a Republican saying things like that.

    Close enough to the truth for you Bruce?

  8. Not exactly, John. You know as well as I do, John, he wasn't referring to her as a whore in the sense of taking money for sex.

    He was referring to her taking money for her services for the industry she represents which it not to benefit of the American people.

    While he probably shouldn't have used the word, he didn't mean it in the literal sense.

    Damn, John. Do you always have be so literal.

    When Brian used the word, he meant the literal meaning of the word whore.

  9. Chris, sexism toward Sarah Palin. You're kidding, right. That woman, regardless of her sex, is dumb as a rock.

    Give me an example of sexism, Chris, toward either woman.

  10. Bruce - "While he probably shouldn't have used the word"?!?!? Hardly a condemnation Bruce.

    You are pathetic and sad. A word is a word BRUCE. Calling someone a whore... think he would have called a man that?

    You people are disgusting. I can just call your daughters whores for liberal ideology because they support your ideas. After all, you used to give them room and board, right, so sounds like they got something in exchange. Dirty. Sounds like a fine idea Bruce. Oh, don't take it in the LITERAL sense Bruce. Just relax and take it in the liberal, quasi-sense. Whatever loser.

  11. Bruce's answer to my questions: "John, your questions are irrelevant, just like most of the posts you make on this stupid, fucking blog."

    BWAAAAAHAHAHAHA... what a LOSER!! Bruce, tell me what questions to ask big guy! What questions ARE relevant, the ones you want to ask?!!?


    Better get going on my blog so everybody that searches Bruce's name finds it, and finds his weak comments!!

  12. Bruce - Your wife must be so proud. Imagine a husband so caring about women that he supports a guy who calls one a "whore". Stand-up Bruce.

    I can guarantee that a Republican pulls that, you would be over the edge in (mock) indignation.

    With every. single. post. you display what a hypocrite, liar, and phony you are Bruce.

  13. Bruce - Maybe you should contact the Anti-Defamation League and let them know not to take whatever this whack-job Grayson says "literally". I don't know WHY they would get so worked up?!!?

  14. Bruce are you saying she is a whore or do you just think it is OK for a Democrat to call a woman a whore?

  15. vomamike, we know you are an avid reader, what do you think about this guy Grayson? It sure would be nice to get a relatively stable liberal's view on this.

  16. Wow it is all over talk radio. He sounded so hatefull when he said it too. Grayson doesn't think too highly of women. It seems to be the MO of the left. vomamike, what do you think about this "whore" thing?

  17. Chris - These Democrats have lost it. They claim to be the level-headed compassionate party, but this Grayson is typical of the kind of hate that that party represents. How can anybody expect to carry on a meaningful dialog with somebody so full of rage?

    Chris, note how I have to address this question to you. If I were to ask that question of a liberal (you know who you are, psycho liberal) all I get for my effort at dialog is swearing and hate and rage and ugliness. I don't need that kind of negativity around me. These liberals are insane with anger. You would think that they had no majority in either house of Congress, and that Bush was still in office the way they rage and hate!

  18. It is their copping mechanism. They hate and then they rage when things don't go their way. And it rarely goes their way. That is why liberals suffer from depression so much more then conservative. See liberals believe in Obama and the Democratic Party. Conservatives trust in God for the most part.

  19. John your blog is doing great.I see you have Craven on there.He is great.I laugh my butt off on your blog.

  20. Chris, by the way, still waiting for your examples of sexism against Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin.

  21. Holy smokes now the messiah has called grayson an outstanding member of congress, I guess he fits right in with the rest of the radical crazy Obama camp

  22. By the way Bruce I'll give it to you as soon as you watch the abortion video and answer Johns and my questions. We can duck questions just like you can.But don't worry Bruce I do have an answer for you.


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