Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Are Women 'Whores" To Grayson???

Politico, noting the bipartisan fallout over Alan Grayson calling female Fed advisor Lisa Robertson a “whore,” finds even liberal blue-state Democrats scornful of the loose-cannon Florida Dem:
Is this news to you that this guy’s one fry short of a Happy Meal?” asked Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-N.Y.)
House Majority Leader Steny H. Hoyer defended Robertson, whom he said he knows.
“I think it’s inappropriate and unfair,” the Maryland Democrat said. He decried the “heated rhetoric” that he said interferes with the ability solve problems.

Democrat Dina Titus of Nevada called Grayson’s remarks “a bit extreme and rather sexist.”
Indeed. Read the whole thing, which also addresses Grayson’s improper promotion of a website on the House floor that had links to his campaign fundraising site. Floridians must be so proud of a Democrat who embarrasses even Democrats from New York City and Maryland.


  1. What do you think about this on the left? Do you agree with what Grayson did?

  2. That woman must be white or he would have called her the "N" word, and THEN a whore.

    Democrats are the most racists people on the face of this earth. And now we can add sexist and misogynistic to that. They are batting 1.000 in the sociopath check-list.

  3. My liberal friends still think the color of your skin is an indicator of the quality of a person. Like what one of my best friends said to me,"Chris, I'm sick of people looking at me as a color and not as a person. The Democrats always look at me as a color." I hate the way they talk down to the black community as if they are not bright enough to understand what they are saying. I'd like to know what the African-American community feels about this?

  4. Chris - your comments regarding Grayson. While I have to agree, it was a poor choice of words BUT that has never been the exclusive property of just those on the Left. Those "fax paus" happen with regularity on both sides of the isle. I suspect there is a bit of "crocadile tears" when it comes to your protest over Grayson's remarks. Expecially when I suspect that all of us could - or should agree - that the venacular used today is becoming very fluid. The word "whore" used in Grayson's context should be treated as a metaphor for selling out your principles. Not the best choice of words I admit, but it begets the question - what was this lady doing to deserve such an infamous label? Unfortunately we are all guilty of a "shorthand" of language to convey our views. Often it backfires - on all of us.

  5. And volmamike both sides must take their just deserts. The right does what the left has been doing. The only difference is the left cry about it much much more. Vomamike are you saying that Grayson shouldn't be taken to task for calling a woman a whore? Is it just because he's a Democrat that you feel that way? "Whore" is one of the worst words you could call a women next to the "C" word. I respect your views and I do understand them. Thank you for giving us your perspective on this issue. Have fun on the blog.I'm trying to keep this blog fair and ballanced like ABC.LOL.

  6. Mike couldn't it be that Grayson was calling her a "Whore" because she gives herself to the person she is lobbying? A Whore is someone that trades sex for something usually money. I know you want to think the best of him but treat him like a Republican. Stand up for woman for a change.

  7. Chris,

    I have been reading your blog, but haven't had a chance to write in until now. Actually I don't normally write in, I try to keep above the "fray". Also I find that John's bullying tactics are annoying and childish, and to some extent so are Bruce's.

    But in reading about Grayson and his comments, I have to say that I strongly disapprove, and condemn him. I am a dyed in the wool Democrat, and fancy myself a progressive. But wrong is wrong, and what he said is wrong. I know one man's opinion isn't worth a hill of beans, but I have noticed that your blog encourages an open forum, and you are willing to hear both sides.

    My other comment, if I may, is that I am astounded that Bruce and Mike even give pause to justify Grayson's statement. I believe Bruce has a daughter, and as a father of a daughter I can attest that I myself am outraged that a public servant would use that word so effortlessly in reference to a woman. I don't care if you have a "D", an "R" or an "I" after your name; you should show yourself and the office you hold, some dignity. Grayson should always keep in mind that the woman, and women, that he refers to, is and/or was, somebody's little girl at one time.

    Chris, please know that there are progressives who do not blindly follow a party. I will try to write in once in a while, because I have really lost all faith in people like Bruce and Mike who will give their party a free pass in whatever it does.

  8. Drew how nice it is to have an upstanding "progressive" around. Thank you for spending the time to read our blog. I do like hearing both sides of a debate as do most people. Have fun,teach and learn others views.

  9. Drew,

    All I present are facts. If you liberals find the facts being presented to you is "bullying" then I am guilty as charged I guess.

    That's stand-up how you denounced Grayson. I hope you do come back and comment on Chris' blog. Fealk and Mike have lost it, and I think you can see that. I hope we can have an open dialog. I have a few questions that you might be able to answer, since Bruce has refused to. Check out this blog, you will find them. Looking forward to your insight.

  10. John and Chris. You too are pig shit. Go to hell and take your bibles with you. Drew you need to back off of Bruce and Mike. They are Democrats all the way and that is a good thing. Don't ever put down another progressive again. Don't let these cheese asses get to you guys. Keep it up. We will win this guys. This is political war and we can never let another non-Democrat in office again.

  11. Cheese asses? George hankers for a hunka, a slab a slice a chunka, George hankers for a hunka cheese. Ass. George loves him some cheese-ass. George, you want my ass on a cracker? You are one sick son of a bitch, you know that George?

    By the way, George is Bruce. Read Brian's blog bpannebecker.blogspot.com; Bruce used the name George because he was too pussy to post as himself.

  12. Bruce is that you my friend? Are you Drew too?

  13. Chris - Bruce apologized for the Grayson remark on my blog. I thought it was big of him, even though he is slandering us as "George". I think maybe it's better to let "George" (Mr. Hyde) vent, so that Bruce (Dr. Jekyll) doesn't snap and hurt someone. Anyway, here is Bruce's very nice apology. Maybe there IS hope for him? Anyway, I wanted to post it because it was nice of him to do. And now vomamike is left hanging out there looking like the only a-hole in the liberal camp. Very nice vomamike, keep up the good work of defending a loose-cannon nutjob.

    Bruce Fealk said...
    Now that Congressman Grayson has apologized for his "whore" statement, I realize maybe I should have taken a strong stance against his statement. I was wrong. I apoligize, too.

    October 29, 2009 7:47 AM

    John said...
    Bruce - I was going to delete your comment as it was "irrelevant" (you haven't answered, but I will leave it, even though you still refuse to answer even (1) of my questions.

    That was big of you to apologize for Grayson. The only thing I have a problem with on your apology is that you say "Now that ... Grayson has apologized... "

    Bruce, I would think that you would protest his statement as soon as you heard it. I don't know why you have to be so hard-headed about backing up somebody when it is so obvious they are wrong. Of course I am probably just as guilty for doing the same thing, although I can't think of an example off the top of my head.

    Thank you for your apology.

  14. Thank you Bruce we forgive you.

  15. John that is big of you to show everyone on this blog that he is a stand up guy for saying sorry. Thanks both John and Bruce.


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