Sunday, October 25, 2009

Look At That Big Full Face/Is Moore For Real?

Questioning the Numbersmoore cuba

Moore says that because Cubans get such good health care, they live longer and it is true that a U.N. report claims that they live nearly two months longer. But the United Nations didn't gather any data, said Carro.
"The United Nations simply reports whatever the government in Cuba reports, so that we have no objective way to know what the real statistics are," he said.
Although Cuba claims to have low infant mortality rates, doctors have said the data is misleading because when there might be indications of problems with the fetus, there is a widespread practice of forced abortions.
Julio Alfonso said, "We personally used to do 70 to 80 abortions a day." Yanet Sanchez, a Cuban exile, said she was simply told to submit to an abortion. "They told me I should end the pregnancy," said Sanchez. "It was my very first pregnancy. I wanted to have the child."
Other doctors have said that if a child dies a few hours after birth, they don't count it as ever having lived, which ultimately makes infant mortality in Cuba look better than that of the United States.
"It changes the number, even though the same number of children may be dying or more," said Carro.  Moore needs to get his facts right. Don't ya link???


  1. I can't believe anyone would believe a word he says. He has been discredited on almost everything he's done since Me And Roger. Moore and Bruce use the same tactics to get what they want. In fact Bruce is a Mini Moore.

  2. This Moore is the same guy that is making millions on Capitalism/ant-capitalism. What a jerk.

  3. There was a guy that snuck into the Cuban hospitals. Moore went there as a guest of the Cuban Government. Guess which guy got the real story?

    Michael Moore is a talentless hack. His lies have been exposed for years. People are suckers who believe anything he has to say. He really does a disservice to the liberal cause.

    Chris, I got a great book from the library, I can't wait to get started on it but I have to finish a couple others. Anyway, the book I got was "Do as I Say, Not as I Do: Profiles in Liberal Hypocrisy". Maybe I will do a book report when I'm done! LOL

    Have a great night Chris, catch ya in the funny papers tomorrow.

  4. Sound like a great book. Try reading America Alone by Mark Steyn. His book was banned in Canada because of all the facts in it and all the liberals in

  5. Hey, you have a great idea Chris. You should put a list of suggested books on your blog. You have given me a couple of good suggestions, but trying to keep up is a bitch! I think there is a "List" gadget on these blogs.

  6. You may want to check out this article, guys. Looks like you're wrong again and been getting your news from a Fox affiliate.
    Cubans say they offer health care to the world's poor because they have big hearts. But what do they get in return?

    They live longer than almost anyone in Latin America. Far fewer babies die. Almost everyone has been vaccinated, and such scourges of the poor as parasites, TB, malaria, even HIV/AIDS are rare or non-existent. Anyone can see a doctor, at low cost, right in the neighborhood.

    The Cuban health care system is producing a population that is as healthy as those of the world's wealthiest countries at a fraction of the cost. And now Cuba has begun exporting its system to under-served communities around the world—including the United States.

    Doesn't is suck to be wrong ALL the time?

  7. Hey, Chris, actually Moore can back up everything he puts in his movies and often does when he goes on television to do interviews.

    Maybe you should watch some of those interviews. You might learn how to tell the truth.

  8. Bruce I have watched the interviews. I just don't watch the ones that agree with him from the get go. I watch the interviews were they actually challange him with facts. But he doesn't do too many of the hard interviews. He runs and hide like Mini Moore does.

  9. Bruce do you know all the factors that come into play with a long average life. How about if one country counts the death of a baby while another doesn't. Or how about the lifesyles of the two countries. Just look at how fat our country is. Most Americans are poor eaters when it comes to nutritional value of foods. Bruce why are so many people coming to America for our health care? That is a fact Bruce not the BS you like top hand our.Why Bruce oh why do they get their medical care here? Moore makes movies to prove his point of view. It's easy to do Bruce. When asked he never stops quoting his movie facts in the same way. Take it a little out of his context and his house of cards falls apart. Kind of like his new movie were he rails against Capitalism and makes $millions doing so. He even went to Canada so he didn't have to pay union workers. That is a fact. I know how in love with Moore you are but the truth is he is a fake like so many of the left are. Take how much BS is in Gores movie. He wont take the hard questions either.

  10. John great idea about the books. I'll get right on that. Keep the ideas coming guys and girls. I also take ideas from the left. All you that don't agree but read this blog feel free to voice your opinion. You might change a mind here and there you never know. I have to give it to Bruce he has conviction. People are born liberal while conservatives are made.

  11. I heard once that a conservative is a progressive who has been mugged by reality. Or something like that. It's probably funnier when it's quoted properly.

  12. Chris - Moore's fat face makes me think of the news report I saw, I think it was yesterday. This guy was bitching about how unhealthy kids' cereals are, and he worked for Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity, and the guy was HUGE! Here was this huge fat-ass with a double chin telling me what to feed my kids?!?! I was like WTF?!!? They did one shot where it was a full view of the guy, and he was seriously stressing out the stitches on his pants with his thick thighs. Too funny. But these are the people who are forming our policies, total hypocrites.

  13. BWAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Funny John. You do have a talent with words and humor.


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