Saturday, November 14, 2009

Watch this video and comment on the post.

 Watched this video. You may not believe in God but he believes in you. For all of those that believe in God pray for our brothers and sister that read this blog that don't believe in God. We need to pray for our friends and family and to love our enemies. We will fail over and over again but we must never stop trying. God bless us in this, one of the hardest times America has known. Pray for our leaders and pray for our enemies.


  1. Great message Chris!

    Like the old message goes (not verbatum);

    An atheist is fishing in open water,storm crops up,boat over-turned,atheist bobbing in the water,,,,Who does he call out for help?,,,,GOD! Well God responds; "Now you believe in Me ?

  2. Where is your video?I want to see it.
    Acai Berry


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