Wednesday, November 11, 2009

God Bless Our Veterans

 God bless all you veterans that served this country. Know that we the people stand behind our military and it's veterans. This post is an open thread. Feel free to post what you would like from and to our veterans. I also have some followers of this blog that are veterans and run blog. Send them a shout out on their blogs and thank them.

Veteran’s Day Prayer
Dear Jesus Christ,
Today we honor our veterans,
worthy men and women
who gave their best
when they were called upon
to serve and protect their country.
We pray that you will bless them, Lord,
for their unselfish service
in the continual struggle
to preserve our freedoms, our safety,
and our country’s heritage, for all of us.
Bless them abundantly
for the hardships they faced,
for the sacrifices they made
for their many different contributions
to America’s victories
over tyranny and oppression.
We respect them, we thank them,
we honor them, we are proud of them,
and we pray that you will watch over
these special people
and bless them with peace and happiness.
In Jesus’ name we pray; Amen.

By Joanna Fuchs



  1. God bless you Chris for posting that. To think of the sacrifices these brave men and women have made, or were willing to make, it's staggering. We owe them more than we can ever show them.

  2. We have the Freedoms we have today because of VETERANS who have served fought and DIED for their COUNTRY! Without their Bravery and sacrifices we could not and would not be allowed the FREEDOMS we take for granted today, one of them being this message to them RIGHT now!

    God Bless the Military PAST,PRESENT and FUTURE for all you DO to keep us FREE and SAFE!

  3. I'm sure Bruce won't be commenting on this topic. Remember how he belittles anyone who believes in God? Remember how his brother Steve said that Bruce was embarrassed to speak with, or even be around, anyone who had served our country? Remember how Bruce protests against the military?

    I bet all that never kept him from taking Veteran's Day off when he was a court typist.

    Bruce doesn't believe in God, hates Christians, and hates the military, and that includes active members and veterans.

    Bruce would have been a draft dodger like William Jefferson Clinton if he had the chance. People like that liberal puke make me sick to my stomach. It makes me even more sick when vets like vomamike stand up for him.

    Bruce's blog is all about hate, up to and including this day which is meant to honor our veterans. All he spews is hate and ugliness. He's a real jerk. I would like to hear what other vets have to say and what they think about liberal pukes like Fealk and vomamike.

  4. Clinton Jackson III11 November, 2009 12:20

    Chris that post means more to me then you know. I'm so happy I found your blog. I was in the Gulf War and Iraq. I was feeling down because the way Pres.Obama is acting with our military and then I came on here. I sent your post to my friends and family. All of the comments give me hope for our future. Thank you all.

  5. Matthew - Fealk has the right to his opinions, even if he hates those who fought and died to protect his rights to voice that opinion.

    I was going to chastise you for writing so harshly about Bruce, but truthfully I can't find anything that is off base. Other than this comment section was more for speaking to the veterans, but I guess you are asking for their opinion.

    I do know that when he writes God's name he refuses to capitalize the "g", which proves he doesn't believe in God. And then it's ultra-hypocrisy-time when he likes to run around asking everyone WWJD, when he himself has NO clue about WJD or WJWD. Also he professes to hate abortion, but he is all for it. I have to admit, I wonder why he professes to hate abortion; seems to me that if you hate abortion there would be a reason. If it is all good, you shouldn't have a problem with it. If you think it is wrong, you shouldn't support it. It's like the old saying, you can't be kinda pregnant, you either are or you aren't.

    I would ask Bruce about this, but he refuses to answer any of my questions. Because he knows he is a lying hypocrite. But that's another story.

  6. I was over on Fealk's blog and on Democratic Underground and those two sites are identical. Because Fealk plagiarizes all his thoughts from MoveOn and Democratic Underground. This dummy has never had an original thought in his head, unless it was put there by MoveOn.

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  8. Matthew you are right about Fealk's blog being cut an paste from moveon and democratic underground. What a dumbass. Did you see some of the dimwit things that dj person posted? If that is the best the left wing has they are in big trouble. I've heard deeper thoughts from a Kroger bagger then those three.

  9. I DID see some of those things. Wasn't Fealk ragging on you about your spelling? And yet right in one of his blog TITLES he misspells a word! I would tell you which word, but I don't want him to fix it, it just shows what a idiot he is. I can't even narrow it down by saying it's one of the blogs stolen from Democratic Underground because they are ALL stolen from there! It's a pretty glaring misspelling though. Just another example of the hypocrisy of the liberals, for ragging on you when he himself can't spell to save his life.

    Plus I made a comment on his blog about how he is ripping off Democratic Underground, but he won't post it. I guess he doesn't want anyone but those butt-lickers djtyg and vomamike posting. But I guess I saw you posting some comments on there. Does he refuse to post some of your comments, or did I just hit too close to home?

  10. Thank you vets for all that you gave us. Like I expected not one person from the left posted one thing to our vets. All of the conservative blogs thank our vets. Nothing from the liberals. They are so fake.

  11. Chris, you know what else is funny about Fealk's blog? Here is the title "OAKLAND DEMOCRATIC POLITICS

    But not one thing about political events and/or news taking place in Oakland County. Just a bunch of plagiarized stories culled from Democratic Underground. I thought that was pretty funny.

    And he still won't post my comment, I guess they want to play tug-o-war with each other's dinks over there rather than have a real conversation with a differing opinion. I guess that explains why there is just a couple of idiots over there commenting.

  12. Wow, you guys are paying an awful lot of attention to me and my blog and whether I believe in god or not.

    As far as my copying anything from Democratic Underground, I have put some of the same videos on my blog, which many blogs and web sites do. The commentary that goes along with the videos is my own.

    As far as Veteran's Day, I do thank our veterans for their service.

    As for my feelings towards Christians, I don't have a problem with Christians that at least make an attempt to follow Christ's teachings, but I have problem with Christians that are hateful, mean, and claim to follow Christ but in reality do nothing of the sort, like many of you here.

    As for abortion, I think we should do all we can to make abortion unnecessary, but I also believe a woman should have control over her own body. If you get to object and try to ban abortion on moral grounds, then it seems to me I should be able to try to ban war based on my moral objections, too, or any other thing the federal government funds that I don't agree with on moral grounds. I will never understand how war is all right in your minds, since it is tantamount to murder, especially when innocent civilians are killed, but abortion even at the very earliest stages and in some people's minds contraception should be illegal too. And on another note, some of you that would fight till your dying breath to ban abortion, also consider capital punishment as acceptable.

    It seems hypocritical to me to be anti-abortion, but pro war and pro death penalty. Aren't they all ways that human beings show a lack of respect for life?

    I've never had any lack of comfort around people that have served our country. I'm friends with a good many of them in fact. It's hysterical to me that the people here claim they know what I think and believe, but I've never met any of you, except Big Chris and Brian.

    None of you really seem to know what you're talking about. This has gotten way past the point of silly.

  13. Yeh Bruce how is abortion OK with you but war is not? Killing an innocent baby and fighting back (war) aren't even in the same ballpark Bruce. You can outlaw war all you want Bruce but you will never stop it. Bruce if someone wants to know you all they have to do is look at your radical blogs and videos. It is funny how you point out what you think is hypocritical when you yourself believe that abortion is right and war is wrong.

  14. Chris, I never said abortion is right. But I do think a woman has a right to control her own body. If men had babies, we wouldn't even be talking about this issue.

  15. Chris, the same thing applies to murder and abortion. We have laws on the books against murder and it doesn't stop murder.

    The American Taliban can try to outlaw abortion, but it won't stop abortion, it will only drive it back in allies and women will start using coat hangers again. Rich women will still get abortions.

    Lack of health care is the biggest reason poor women have abortions. Maybe we could start by giving everyone health care instead of passing amendments outlawing federal funding of abortion. Just a thought.

  16. Chris - Bruce wants to remove the right to defend yourself against invasion or threats of violence, you know, the stuff that the Constitution of These United States protects.

    He wants to protect the right of life for those who have made the conscious decision to take that right from another.

    However, he wants to remove the right to life from defenseless babies, in order to protect the right of a woman to have no consequences to her actions. You know, the same woman who had the right to decide whether to have sex, and whether that sex was protected or unprotected.

    Bruce, what is wrong with abortion? If as you say, abortion isn't right (and I quote: "Chris, I never said abortion is right") then what do you find wrong about it? We're getting some real mixed signals from you here Bruce.

    And Bruce, let's not cloud the issue with your nonsense non sequiturs. Nobody likes or wants war, but as Chris indicated you can't really stop it. Even Obama shitting rainbows and pissing unicorns isn't going to make everyone hold hands and sing Cumbaya. And civilian casualties are a reality of war. Nobody wants or likes that either. Are you suggesting that all of us, including service men and women, want and like war? You have tripped over the edge and fallen into the abyss.

    Likewise, I don't know ANYBODY who is against birth control. Not to say that there aren't such people, and maybe there are more than a few. But I am not aware of anybody fighting to make contraception illegal, that is some nonsense. It's painfully obvious that you are stretching to defend your position.

    So tell me Bruce, when does a "blastocyst", or "bundle of cells" become a baby, i.e., when did your child or grandchild change from a bunch of cells into a human being? Would it be acceptable to abort just before, or just after, that point? If an unborn baby is killed when a woman wants it (by violence, or accident, etc) then it could be prosecuted as murder. If a woman aborts an unborn baby who is the same age, it is acceptable. How do you reconcile this? And when does a woman take responsibility for her actions?

  17. Bruce said "Lack of health care is the biggest reason poor women have abortions."

    I want to see the proof for this claim Bruce. Where does this little factoid come from?

    As for murder being against the law and it still happening, does that mean we should just make it legal because poor murderers are suffering in jail, and we have taken away their right to move freely?!?

    Wow, you might have made THE dumbest argument I have EVER witnessed.

  18. Bruce wants to fight for the right of poor black women to have abortions, but I bet if his daughter wanted to have one he would have second thoughts. What is it that Rahm Emanuel said, a genocide is a terrible thing to waste?

    Is it ironic how the liberals don't want to have abortion banned in the government takeover of health care, but they will justify the government takeover of health care so that women can have abortions easier?! Now we can all see why you want the government takeover of health care Bruce, more abortions all around, but especially poor black women. That's classy.

  19. Bruce are you retarded? Rich woman rarely ever get abortions. 84.7% of abortions are to poor black and hispanic babies. That is why the liberals like abortion.

  20. John and Anon thank you for pointing out Bruces spin doctoring. John you have a real talent for knowing shit from Shinola,as my Grandpa used to say.

  21. I think the speech the President gave was very good. Please take a look at it above if you'd like.

  22. Chris,
    Thanks for posting the Prayer for Veterans. I always make a point of saying "thanks" to a Veteran when I find out someone served our country in the military, whether it is veterans day or any other day. They ALL deserve our thanks and our support everyday !

  23. You are a great guy like that Brian. You are the opposite of Bruce in every way. As a UAW worker you have a great perspective with your blog. For all the readers:Brian has a great blog with a lot of action. He used to run the blog for the Macomb Daily/Oakland Press until they ended it. Bruce was the blogger from the left. Stop on by Brians blog.

  24. I dont want my money going to make it possible for some crack whore to go and have abortions because shes too F up to go on birth control use a condom, or have her tubes tied! Having said that I read a story concerning Planned Parenthood and how they manage to get funds from the government (our money) to go ahead and give abortions.

    And now the hue and cry is going to go up by the pro choice crowd about a womans right to choose. How about the right to choose Birth Control!? What a concept. You can go and get free birth control down at the local family planning clinics.

    I understand that people are raped, victims of incest and so if the pregnancy is a result of an act of violence a choice maybe a very high dose of birth control pill within 72 hours of unprotected sex. Its called Plan B. which can protect against pregnancy after a condom failure or other emergency. It isnt an abortion pill and it cannot terminate an existing pregnancy. It is not the RU-486 abortion pill. Every fibre in my being rails against abortion I had to watch one on film in school and since then I cannot bring myself to support it.

  25. I was the same way about abortion British Bird. That is why I have a post that shows and abortion. It shows the baby fighting for its life as it is getting growned up and pulled out of his mother. I ask everyone that suports pro choice to watch that video on my post. They never do and yet they still keep their opinion on abortion not being murder. You have a great blog and you speak your mind on it. Keep up the good work.

  26. See if you can follow this logic:

    1. Pelosi and Baucus and the rest of the Democrat idiocracy swear that there will be NO federal funding of abortions in their bill.
    2. Stupak introduces and gets passed an amendment that writes that claim in stone, so that there is no way federal funds (our taxdollars) will be able to be used for abortions.
    3. Democrats go over the edge and cry, bitch and moan because abortion funding has been blocked by the Stupak amendment.

    So... something they say is not in the bill has been blocked and now they are complaining about it not being in the bill?

    Lather, rinse and repeat with death panels, new taxes, illegal immigrants being covered, etc. etc.

    These Democrats are the biggest LIARS on the face of the planet.

  27. John, you really have to get a grip. The Stupak amendment prohibits women from using their OWN money with which they buy a plan in the exchange from offering abortion coverage.

    If the public option is included in the final bill, there will be premiums, just like private insurance.

    So, the Stupak amendment prevents women from using their own money to purchase a plan that provides abortion coverage, which goes way further than the Hyde amendment which prevented federal dollars from being use for abortion services.

  28. Bruce, you dumbass, what keeps someone from using their OWN money to buy a plan OUTSIDE the exchange? As you say, it prevents them from buying a plan in the exchange. Keep trying to use my tax dollars to pay for your daughter's abortions and for killing innocent black babies Bruce. I know you think it's fine, because you haven't told me one reason why you think abortion isn't the bees knees. All we hear from you is that murder laws don't stop murderers and how we who are Pro-LIFE are also all for war and all this other whack-o off-the-wall bullshit you keep claiming to try to distract the conversation.

    YOU get a grip, I have one already. Dumbass.

  29. If black people want to kill their babies so what. And yes I am a liberal racist. Do you know what crime would be right now if we had more of them on the streets? Good for him for standing up for abortions. It's good to see them in the hood and not in the suburbs were they abort white babies. No I did not vote for Obama even though I'm a Democrat. I knew he would F up this country. He's giving it to the black man and we are the ones paying for it.

  30. Hmmmm... killing innocents in anticipation of the crimes that they might commit. Sounds like the Democrats to me. Sounds like that movie "Minority Report" actually.

    So let me get this right Anon, you want to kill the innocent because of crimes they might commit (and WHAT exactly is the amount of crime that you claim is prevented by abortions, and where do the numbers come FROM), but keep alive the most heinous murderers because... why, exactly?!

    You liberals... your moral compass isn't out of whack, it's nonexistent.

  31. It does sound like the movie "Minority Report", John. The thing is there is a growing left wing movement that believes and agrees with that type of thinking. They think of it like social darwinism.


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